BYU, end of the season report card

I’m going to say something here that is hard for Cougar nation to swallow but BYU most likely would be a tossup in a Utah matchup had they played.

1 BYU put together an amazing season considering the pandemic. Tom Holmoe should be AD of the year!!!
2 Yes our season was full of cupcakes and that artificially inflated our numbers but:

3 BYU has a top 10 offensive team with top 3 QB, Wilson supported by a NFL running back, Algiers, and 2 NFL caliber receivers, Rex and Milne, and possibly 2 more, Romney and Pau’u.
4 In no way is BYU even close to the top 12 or even top 30 defense that we were ranked. That is a false narrative. CC and SDSU exposed BYU for it really is. We get to see what every team out there did after we played them. Navy was a bust, it launched BYU into the stratosphere but in the end, Navy was way down. BSU, working on fumes with a 3rd string QB allowed BYU to inflate ridiculous numbers. I still can’t respond to why their defense rolled over, it happens. CC worked us over, a defensive MESS. And I can understand SDSU, Without Algiers, BYU struggled. With Algier, BYU would have 2 more scores.
5 would BYU had this special year if we played the P5 schedule?
2020 BYU Football Schedule |
so looking at our pre-covid schedule.
@Utah, BYU win, Sept. Utah had no QB ready. Today, I would not bet against Utah, as BYU could not stop the run, hence, tossup.
Mich St, Easy win
@ ASU, I guess a win, They put 70 on AZ and got their HC fired. Could we stop them? IDK?
@ Minn, Win. Poor team
The G5s, all wins
@ Stanford, Tossup Loss. They went on the road and won @Cal, Wash, and Or State. We’d of played them at Stanford
.I do think that the P5 schedule would of gotten BYU players hurt and by attrition, BYU could of lost some easy games without key personal. IDK.

6 BYU would not of gotten a NY6 game if we had gone 10-1. CFP will prove that P5 championships weigh more then all the G5 gold in the land. Case in point (if both Cinncy and CC win out) mark it down.

Bring on UCF, It will be a fun game as neither team cares too much about defense, should be lots of scoring and a shootout. BYU will lose if we run a 3 rush-drop 8 defense. Cheers.

You said sometimes defenses “rollover.” So, we can chalk that up to CC. Enough. We shut SDSU for 3 quarters. Great defense.
During the glory years, we beat mostly cupcakes. So does Alabama. Enough of that. 10-1 great season. Had our offense scored 28 against CC we would be 11-0. No negatives here. Just a great matchup with UCF in the Boca Raton Bowl.

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