BYU Football 2023 Schedule Prediction

I found this to be a well thought-out article predicting outcomes for the coming season. Thoughts/comments?
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BYU has much to look forward to this fall. When the Cougars take the field there will be a whole new defensive look and a new quarterback calling plays. Fall camp has kicked off. This will be BYU’s first year in the Big 12 and could be a big year for football but realistically they will go 7-5.

2023 Record: 7-5

Sam Houston State

Saturday September 2nd

10:15pm EST on FS1

2022 Record: 5-4

The first game of the season will be a win for the Cougars.


Saturday September 9th

3pm EST on ESPN+

2022 Record: 5-6

Game two at home will be a win against the T-birds.


Saturday September 16th

8:30pm EST on ESPN2

2022 Record: 7-6

BYU will lose this game and struggle the rest of the season with the rest being power 5 opponents.


Saturday September 23rd


2022 Record: 6-7

This will be loss number two for the Cougars.


October Friday 2nd

10:15pm EST on FS1

2022 Record: 9-4

The third win of the season will come against Cincinnati and will be a big boost for morale.


Saturday October 14th


2022 Record:13-2

The Cougars will come away with the win and it will put the Cougars at 4-2 on the season…

Texas Tech

Saturday October 21st


2022 Record: 8-5

Another lose for BYU this fall will be hard for fans and the team.


Saturday October 28th


2022 Record: 8-5

BYU will beat Texas and will continue a great matchup against the longhorns. 12.

West Virginia

Saturday November 4th


2022 Record: 5-7

BYU will win this game. West Virginia isn’t that good this season.

Iowa State

Saturday November 11th


2022 Record: 4-8

This will be another almost easy win for the Cougars in the Big 12.


Saturday November 18th


2022 Record: 6-7

The final two games of the season will be hard fought loses.

Oklahoma State

Saturday November 25th


2022 Record: 7-6

The final game of the regular season for BYU will end in a loss as the Cowboys hold strong in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. BYU will end the season at 7-5 and be awaiting the Bowl Game in late December.

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Well, AP poll just out has BYU nowhere. Coaches poll has BYU 54. An uphill battle for sure!

If I had to choose between going into the season being over rated or under rated in the polls, I would rather be under rated and prove we were much better than they predicted, and we ARE under rated.
Go Cougars!

I would like the prediction much better if the Home and Away can be seen next to each team.

2023 BYU Cougars Schedule | ESPN

To say that BYU beats TCU and Texas on the road makes my head spin. I would feel better saying beating OK at home over those two.

The preseason hype is always annoying. The offense looks to have the troops to score. Rodrick gets into funks in his play calling but I think the offense will be pretty tough. As has been the case the last 7 years, the defense is the beginning and end of the discussion on whether or not the Cougs will be able to play solid and consistent football. Hill is an upgrade but the program lost a lot of athletes who were good defensive players because of a juvenile DC and head coach who put up with it. I am not sure Hill can turn things around in 1 year. We have to stop the run. That is the only measure of success I will put on the defense. Stop the run!! Our backers will be fine. Or DB’s will be ok but our big boys up front may only be up for part of the job! That is my concern in a nutshell. We will know in the Arkansas game …. After 2 series on defense if this season will be a winning one or not. If Ark runs on us at will it will be a long year and Hill will need 2 more years to get his type of athlete.


I am hearing bad news on the defensive front from the scrimmage as far as a big time player being gone for the season. Hope it isn’t accurate injury info.

I heard the opposite. I heard they have come together as a team and looking good. Players and coaches interviewed have said the offense and defense both did well. Which is a good sign they are both doing good. Three more weeks. They just got started. Injuries will be an important part of this.

I like that we don’t have to play P5 teams in the beginning of the season. We have time to correct issues that come up. Even against weak teams issues can be seen and corrected.

I wouldn’t be concerned after a couple of early series either way, good or bad. Arkansas will adjust as so will we. It’s still a 4 quarter game. But, with Hill, hopefully we will adjust and do it sooner than in the past.

I agree with your assessment, especially with the need to make adjustments to the defense DURING THE GAME and not wait until half-time or after the game so you can review film. No matter how well you and your players have prepared for an opponent there will always be issues that need to be corrected. Here is hoping Hill is more proactive as a coach than we have seen in the past. 18 days, woohoo!

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I literally chuckled reading the prediction that BYU would beat TCU AND Texas on the road…click bait by the author and look at me reacting…joke’s on me.