BYU Football is so bad

"BYU football is so bad (pause) “How bad is it?” (audience response)
“BYU football is so bad that I even read the article on BYU’s women’s basketball.”

Supply your own punch line

How is BYU’s women’s basketball?

If Ratzlaff plays next week, we should run a triple option. The option seemed to work. 39% completion is really bad.

Another Hopperism! The line couldn’t block for a regular running play let alone a much more complicated scheme like the option. This is why we can’t take you seriously on your football comments. Go back to sleep

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THawk I would actually pay money to watch this team TRY TO RUN THE TRIPLE OPTION AGAINST OKLAHOMA. I am literally laughing out loud at the thought as I write this.

It would be epic keystone cops stuff.

Would it be any worse than what we do now? The plays that worked best Saturday were option plays and trick plays. Unless you want Slovis to come in and throw pick 6’s?