BYU Football, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and LaVell Edwards

On BYU Sports Nation today, watch at the 45 minute mark. This should explain the purpose of BYU football in relationship with the Church and how Edwards understood and influenced the program for and in behalf of the Church. Watch and let’s hear from people. See if opinions change.

At your suggestion, I listened to BYU Sports Nation today and what I heard only reinforced what I have always believed about LaVell Edwards, BYU football and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It may have seemed to some that their remarks were so much unplanned banter, but I found it very insightful and well stated. LaVell did indeed understand what the church wanted and expected from him and the football program. In my eyes, LaVell Edwards was and still is one of the most influential ambassadors that the church has ever had. Thank you for bringing this broadcast to my and other fans attention. Go Cougars!

I agree. Although, he did look the other way on occasions like with McMahon. I know a person who played when McMahon did and it left him with a bad taste in his mouth. So much so he and his family are Utah fans. Yuk!!!

I think what was said in the article was something people should understand how important BYU is to the mission and missionary work for the Church. I think Sitaki understands this well and Bronco certainly did. I just hope others listen to it and really pay attention to the connection and how we need to support BYU.

It just seem incongruous that a violent sport represents the sponsoring institution, a religion based on Christ’s love and forgiveness.

There’s more fights in baseball than football. Football is a controlled sport that demands staying within the rules. Which is important staying in between the lines of life and the commandments. It’s not the same violence as gang fighting. Are you just trying to start a fun debate?

This must be lame Post day-he said “violent” sports and baseball isn’t even in the “ballpark”. Hockey is number 1 followed by Rugby and Football

Why are you bringing up hockey? I was making the point there is more violence or physical attacks not associated with the sport of baseball than football. Football players expect to get hit hard. So, it’s physical, not violent. Violence means unwarranted physical aggression like gang fighting, knives and guns trying to severely injur or kill. The word is misused in football unless there is targeting involved.

Concussions, aggression, physical injuries all speak to the violence of football. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, meek shall inherit…
Sounds like a conflict of ideology.

It’s not war on the battle field. It’s a game. It’s played with intentional contact to score points. More than your opponent. Is it violent contact? Can be. Is it violence? No. Unless a player intentionally wants to injur or kill another player.

When I would soar in a martial arts tournament there was contact and sometimes violent. But no one was trying to kill another. It was part of the game. I don’t see this as anti-Gospel. After we ended, we shook hands. Same with football.

As usual you are out in left field again and again failing to see the context. I know you can see but the rest are blind😮

There is a difference between violence and violent based on context. I’m sorry you can’t understand the difference.

I wonder what he wrote???