BYU gets some awards

Matt Haarms named WCC Defensive Player of the Year, 3 other Cougars honored - Deseret News

Interesting Averette is second team WCC…

Also, I thought this was a great article about Barcello and the stuggles he had before coming to BYU:

BYU basketball: How Mark Pope became a life saver for Alex Barcello - Deseret News

We have a lot of non-members on the basketball team. 4 of them are starters. From the videos that have been done with them, they seem like “dry water Mormons.” They are great young men. And would be great leaders in the church as well. Barcello seems to have received the blessings of the church and maybe will accept the testimony of this Gospel.

I knew a fair amount about Barcello and why he chose BYU. The article kind of sums up who Pope is and why he is landing these prized athletes. Comeon cougar club, pay him what he deserves and keep Pope here for decades.
Watching that video brings out tender feelings, especially when mom starts talking about Pope and how he saved her son…I think the BYU experience also has something to do with it. Love my alma mater.

Judkins got coach of the year as well a a PoY for Gonzalez…sometimes I wonder why he didn’t choose another path, to get away from Majeris but BYU is lucky to have him and his recruits.

I met him once, great human being.

Juddy and I go all the way back to his family, growing up at Skyline and I at Highland high area. We played Pop Warner (equivalent) and he had two other brothers. They were always the QBs as I was, .and elite basketball players …always a battle, we truly hated to loose to each other but became friends later in life. He played for Utah and coached with Majeris, by the way, all of the stories about what a mess Maferis was are 100% true. Jeff was never that way, he is and always has been a true LDS guy.

Juddy stayed on with BYU, thinking he would get the HC job when we had that Engles-Cleveland drama. He should of looked elsewhere but didn’t and now if you ask him, it was the best choice he ever made.

Back when Cleveland got hired I remember talking to a huge ute bball backer who thought that because Judd didn’t get his anticipated job with the men’s team he would be outathere pretty quickly.
I am glad he was wrong.

I listen to Coach Judkins interviews whenever I can.
Solid, thoughtful, well grounded in basketball and in life and career.
Assuming his trajectory continues he could have an outsiders chance of HoF, but should definitely make BYU’s and WCC’s.

BYU Sports Nation should interview him more regularly about woman’s bball. It was always a mess when he was on there more regularly and they would spend their time quizzing him on men’s questions.

The Judkins biography doesn’t quite at up. Judkins was a Utah assistant until 1999. By the time he left that position, Cleveland was already entrenched as the BYU head coach. “Outtathere” could not refer to leaving BYU in 1997. I was surprised that Judkins wasn’t hired in '97. But if I recall correctly, the perception among many fans is that he was too much of a ute homer to fit in at BYU. Jim Harrick, Ken Trenkle, ■■■■ Hunsaker were the fan favorites if I still recall correctly.

lol, the censor must not like Hunsaker’s first name.

Yes, the word “sick” replaced by a “d” in the “s” spot is censored every time. It has happened more than once. :wink: