BYU, getting it done at the Delta Center

Poor Fresno, they did not know what hit them.

By the numbers:
1 BYU continues to out rebound the other team. Never mind we are hamstrung (see what I did there)
At one time, BYU had 4 guards out there and Waterman, A year ago, this would of been unimaginable. Waterman, his entire career has been an outside shooter who was soft on D, probably averaged maybe 2 rebs per game in past seasons, now… he is averaging a whooping 6.6 per game.

You can bet Fresno scouting BYU hard to find ways to rebound but nope, BYU found a way to get 12 O boards, both Richie and Hall sneak in for putbacks, they are all doing it. Makes up a mile for our lack of drawing fouls (BYU’s true weakness)

2 Johnson was on fire out there and would of been the MVP with 5 assists and 5 rebounds, after the game they blew it by not interviewing him…but then Cool Hand Luke (Robinson) stole his thunder by ALSO having a career night of 24. He could not miss and everyone was happy to feed him the ball, no matter how far out Robinson took shots, did not matter.
Johnson broke his PB, just so you know. You watch his game and he is full of old Haws tricks. Johnson will always back you in and score if he thinks you can’t defend him. He will play after college.

3 Robinson-wow, the closest thing BYU has to NBA talent.

4 Khalifa, wow, I keep saying it. The best passing center in College basketball. reminds me of old Prinston offenses. 5 assists and would of had 3 more but for missed buckets and fouls etc.

5 Richie, the ever-ready bunny not big stats but he hits big shots when we need em and his rebounding is stellar.

6 Stewart, HOPS

7 Knell, 6 rebounds and 10 pts before half. I’m so done ripping him for D, he is workin hard out there and not afraid to chew on someone if they don’t do their job.

8 Says a lot when the bench comes in and out scores the starters, that is common with BYU, we go 10 deep and they all interchange. and they all look for the open man. seriously, where are we going to find minutes for Dawson and Adams when they can play…you do you take minutes from?

9 Atiki would be our “challenge” right now, he had 4 fouls in 4 minutes last night.

10 Hall, no turnovers, Fresno tried the same press tactic and BYU was ready. 7 TOs the entire game for the BYU squad. Try to find that in last year’s team???

11 Why would BYU beat Fresno by 30 when Fresno shot very close to the same % as BYU from the field? Freson was turn overed 21-7 BYU. BYU had 12 steals and shot 20 more attempts but the real stat of all stats…

12 BYU lives and dies by the 3.BYU made 11 of 29 for the night. Statistically, if you are good at 3s, you would be stupid not to take as many as you can. 33% more points on a make so you can shoot lower %s and still make more points. More then ever great college teams and ALL NBA teams use this stat to their advantage. I think BYU leads the nation in attempted 3s (P5). That is not going to change and if you can rebound, all the more reason have the green light on 3s.

7-9 baby, feelin good, lookin good, Billy Ray

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I paid very close attention to BYU’s 3 point percentages on the road… they usually plummet when we play outside of the Marriott.
BYU averages 12.5 makes per 33 attempts at home.
BYU, On the road, 13 makes per 32 attempts…This NEVER happens. BYU has a higher shooting % away from home

Team Shooting Stats - Customizable College Basketball Tempo Free Stats - T-Rank (
Whoop, there it is. BYU #1
BYU takes a 3pt shot 49% of the time.


  1. had a nice outback as well.
  2. checks a big at the rim with 30 seconds left up 30.
  3. Last year he got charity minutes. This year he is actually helping the team and earning it.


  1. Best guy on the roster finishing at the rim, both in transition and half court. He has elite athleticism and strength.
  2. Elite rebounder for a guard. Elite.

Our FT Shooting.
So far it hasn’t mattered much, but it will. We will have plenty of close games.
Saunders 13/14 from the line. We want him on the floor at the end of close games. Jaxson is 11/11 from the line. SJ was 75% last year and 78% this year. Those guys need the ball in close games when the other team is fouling. Knell is a bad FT shooter—weird because they call him the “shot doc”. Career 65%. Hall is a bad FT shooter—63% last year and 57% so far this year. Those two need to get better—especially Hall since he will be on the floor late in games. (PS Fouss is a great FT shooter—75% career).

So far I’m overwhelmed by how hard this team works on the boards. I’ll be impressed if we beat Utah on the boards. Utah killed a good Wake Forest team on the boards and s even with elite Houston.

So far so good.

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THey need to stay after practice and shoot free throws until they can consistently make at least 8 /10. There is no excuse for guys that can shoot the ball as well as they do from the outside to be hitting such a poor percentage, no excuse. Stay after practice until you get it figured out. It might be the difference between winning and losing a tight game this season.

BYU raised in the polls to #14!!!

BYU moves up 5 spots to No. 14 in AP Top 25 before rivalry game |

Well, they still have to play Evansville. Hope we aren’t looking too far into the future. They are undefeated. And, Utah won’t be easy at their place. Hope Foose is loose and ready to play!

The recognition is nice and will come in handy in March if we are on the bubble of the Dance. But I’m not buying #14 for a second. I LOVE this team–I LOVE our commitment to rebounding and playing D. I LOVE they way we can switch every pick and every guy on the floor can defend. But when you live by the 3, you die by the 3, and we will have some rough ones.

We will beat Evansville easily. And I think we may beat Utah by 15 or 20, and if we do, I will believe this could actually be a top 20-30 team. The way we shoot 3s, I think we will beat some good teams by 10 or 15. The way we defend 3s, I don’t think we will get blown out very many times. That’s the biggest surprise for me this year–the way we defend the perimeter.

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If we look at the Fresno game we actually see some poor 3 point shooting. Except for Robinson and Knell was 2-5. The rest were really bad. We have way more 3 point shoot this year and I don’t think all of them will have a game at the same time where they all miss their shots. Should be an interesting year.