BYU got exposed today

Well, we have all commented on BYU’s poor FT shooting and how we would lose some close games and today was certainly one.

5-23 from 3, in our house, just ugly. I watched Saljaas warm up before the game and he made maybe 1 out of 10 shots.

I don’t know if it translated through the TV but the place was deafening with the BOO birds after a slew of poor WCC refing calls. Not the reason BYU lost but it was sure sad to have to sit through it.

9 total assists, Let the arguing commence on if it is selfish ball or hero ball. I call it crappy ball.

Of those missed Free Throws, I counted 5 missed front end one and ones. If you take Fish out of the Equation, BYU shot under 50%

One could say that only Fish showed up to play…until you look at his stats, 3-14 made shots.

hard to be a fan of this team, they push the cart all the way up the mountain only to let it crash into the rocks below.

True as the day is long, but they have been exposed frequently this season. I will give Scott some credit for mentioning that BYU has a problem following up a Thursday win with a quality effort on Saturday. I’m not sure what the problem is but they just don’t get it done in those situations.

I only saw the first half… and I wasn’t impressed with what was happening. I supposed that they would adjust, pick up the defensive intensity like they did against SMU and close out a mediocre wcc opponent. I forgot that they have had issues doing that this season…

It’s too bad… they are underperforming far too often.

TY… :pensive:

So… having said that. What was the problem in the second half? We can’t ignore the fact that BYU finished with only 9 assists because we know when that happens they just don’t win. Finishing with 72 points is not great but not bad either. Seriously, what was the problem?

Don’t use the bipolar excuse… which may be true. I think it is time to acknowledge that this team just isn’t that good. I feel like they have the talent and potential but it just isn’t coming together. I hate to use the word, but Emery seems to be playing a little bit of the hero/selfish ball lately. Taking a lot of shots and not contributing much. One other telling thing is that Fischer took a huge number of shots and 3-14 is not going to get it done. He made 14 free throws and I am guessing that is at least an additional 5 or 10 shots that didn’t count on his total.

There is just no chemistry and team unity or understanding. I wish I could secretly watch a practice or two. I think I would know if it were a problem real quickly.

I didn’t see the second half either. The question is were our shots off of passes? Or were they off the dribble one on one? Someone might know the answer.
If it’s true that the team plays one game together and the next with a different mindset, then why not state the truth. Bipolar team. Possibly because of the young players.
Fisher had the shots and took them down the stretch. You could let KC or Davis but with their poor FT shooting I wouldn’t.

WE lack a point guard.

We also do not cover the 3s. We would cover until the last 5 seconds and just let them heave it.

But like I said, Davis and KC both missed a number of front end of FTs

I saw the free throw stats and they were pretty good compared to other games. BYU took a ton of free throws this game.

What a frustrating team to watch this season…

That’s all Fischer. He shot a lot of FT at the end. The rest of the team shot under 50% FT. I hope that will change next year with supposedly better shooters coming in.

In spite of their poor play, BYU wins this game if they hit free throws down the stretch. The misses on front end of one and one. The 5 straight misses late when it mattered… Any more losses and a home game in the NIT is in doubt.

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Teams know this. If they are within ten points they have a chance. But today we also couldn’t hit the broad side of a very large barn. 34% is really bad.

fish: Amen to your second post. Fischer was the best out there on Saturday. Emery sure needs to play more consistently, he is very erratic. The team lacks leadership from the starters and from the bench.

  1. WCC REFS MAKES GAMES ALMOST UNWATCHABLE. And my comments have NOTHING to do with Bias, or whether those calls “helped” either team. In a game that was not particularly physical, between two teams determined to chuck up 100 3’s, they managed to call 52 fouls in 40 minutes. These refs are shameful. Their egos are out of control. We need a psychologist to opine on what inadequacies in their lives cause then to pull this power trip crap on game night. At least 20 fouls were called on touches that had no impact on possession or control of the ball or impact on a shot. These guys are COMPLETE CLOWNS.
  2. KC and Davis both gagged it away at the line. You can’t go far with a team where your PG and your only low post scoring option are both lousy FT shooters.
  3. It appeared to me that the majority of our 3’s were off balance and not the result of a “play.” Most were simply Fischer and Emery chucking it up cuz that’s how they roll.
  4. I agree with your “crappy ball” description. Barely watchable, just like a bad traffic accident.
  5. Fischer might be the worst perimeter defender I’ve ever seen at the D1 level. In zone, he’s always the guy cheating into the lane and leaving the wing open for a trey. In man, well, I can’t use those words on this board.
  6. Emery and Fischer are both shooting exactly .407 from the field. You can’t beat good teams with that.
  7. Emery and Fischer are the only two guys who shoot over 65% from the line. You can’t beat good teams with that.
  8. I watched LP play a private basketball factory from NJ that has 3 D1 signees (Syracuse, Ole Miss, and I can’t remember the other). LP, playing 5 guards, beat them, and Frank Jackson scored 32. He would be the best guard on our team RIGHT NOW. I literally wanted to cry. But boy he is a treat to watch. He went something like 13-25 from the field, yet he somehow didn’t seem the least bit selfish. And he has NBA hops RIGHT NOW. Wow.

Free throw shooting is so important. Especially with referees that love to blow their whistles. And, yes there were lots of 3’s. But, missing short shots is what gets me. It’s the difference between over-achievers and talented players. Teams and players will have off-nights from distance but never should have off-nights from 6ft. and in.

Emery is a freshman. I expect his kind of play especially the fact he is ready to play tough. But, he should be taking the ball inside more instead of relying on his outside shooting. And, he takes way too far shots. To me, he’s a lot like Carlino was but with more talent and better ball handling skills. He doesn’t turn the ball over as much like Carlino. But, he needs to get inside more.

On the zone, the weak side on the 1-3-1 is suppose to put a foot in the lane and guard against someone cutting to the elbow. At the same time, he has to rotate back quicker too. The 1-3-1 is to protect against the long ball. As far as his man defense, most players these days struggle with the quick point guards. That’s where help defense has to be better. That happens sometimes.

I agree with you on this but which are the over achievers? The ones who can’t make close shots? Tom is right, the officiating ruins the game so often. The best officials are the ones that you don’t really notice. If you notice a ref it is because they are making bad calls or they are overly demonstrative in their call or they are making too many calls.

Do you really think that is a good idea? When I see Emery take it inside, he gets swatted a lot. He is too small. I think he can take any guy his size one on one to the basket, but he is easy to block when a bigger guy is there. I’m not sure his “getting inside more” is the answer.

Don’t try and defend Fischer’s defense… Tom is right, it is horrible. Nobody does more reaching in and makes lazy plays. Also, I don’t think Rose is putting Fischer on the quickest player for the opposing team. If he is then you are right, Fischer needs help most of the time, even when he isn’t guarding the point guard. There is a lot wrong with this team… they just don’t play well a lot of the time. Maybe they just aren’t as good as advertised…

Emery doesn’t have to try to lay it up every time. He has the tear drop and just stop 6 feet out and jump shoot it over the defenders. Keep them off balance.

Fischer does the right thing in the 1-3-1. Sorry you don’t know anything how to use it :slight_smile: he’s not usually at the point on it. And even when it swings to one side he has to come down some.

In the man, we have no one that is great except KC. So, the screeners man has to step out and recover. We tend to do that too slowly for college ball.

I just don’t agree with you on this one. He messes up a lot. He is one dimensional and he thinks about shooting most of the time he is out there. He is a scorer, not a defender. He is never at the point in the 1-3-1… for good reason. If Rose could sub for him every time on defense he would. Watch him some time… he reaches in a lot and doesn’t move his feet.

Not sure what you are disagreeing with. I’ve always said he’s a shooter. As far as the 1-3-1, he does end up on top sometimes. But mostly he’s on the wing. He is suppose to move into the lane when the ball is on the off-side. He’s in the right place. However, he is slow to react when the ball is swung back to his side and gets beat.
Man D he does reach a lot. The one thing I see not taught much anymore is how to fight through screens. Ainge was a master at it. Now days, there is no technique taught. There is now step through and someone like Fischer would benefit greatly learning how to.