BYU is #23 in first pre-season poll

Sports Illustrated has #BYU at #23. I hope we can live up to it!

Wow that’s fantastic after how we fell apart last year! I guess they know Taysom is the real deal.

I’m surprised by this, but it’s a nice surprise. :smile:

grasshopper, I hope that you are correct.

I do subscribe to Sports Illustrated and I have read every article every week this year to date.

I have in front of me right now as I word process this information, the May 18th, 2015 addition and there is no mention of the college pre season rankings.

Where did you get your information? No Sports Illustration Magazine that I have read this year has the information of which you speak.

I am sure that you are correct. I am not suggesting that you are not correct. Instead, I am asking where I can find this information in print?

BYU Sports Nation

There’s that !!! exclamation point again…

What are you talking about Jim!!!

Lindy’s Sports, College Football, on the shelves until 9/10/15 has BYU football at number 46 with six teams on our schedule ranked above us and six teams on on schedule ranked below us, showing a very possible
6-6 season.

#20 UCLA #22 Boise State #25 Missouri (3 ranked teams above us plus #29 Michigan; #30 Nebraska and
#42 Cinn all being the six teams rated above us.

The six teams rated below #46 BYU are:

#65 Utah State; #77 East Carolina; #84 Fresno State; #97 San Jose State; #111 UCON and way below the 128 rated teams, falls the FCS team of Wagner.

Our average SOS, even with 3 ranked teams on our schedule is below 55 while we are at 46.

To be respected as a P5 team, we must have an average SOS of not less than half of 128 which is 64
and it should be no lower than what we are which is 46.

Hope we come in healthy. Hope Tayson learns how to find his receivers early and can slide. Need solid “O” line. “D” gave up far too many points last year. Hope that is fixed.

I was curious about why they would have had us ranked so high so early. I imagine the loss of Jamaal weighed heavily. Or maybe they bothered to look at our schedule :slight_smile:

Rusty: I am surprised that you even care about where the Cougars are rated.