BYU is a special coaching destination

I had to laugh when I saw all of the conjecture floating around Witt leaving the U for BYU or Salani Satuaki coming, or the best one was that Bronco has applied for vacant coaching positions at WU, MU and others. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Please post a link from a reliable news source and no, Monson does not qualify.

Follow the money

Satuaki was offered 800,000 per year to stay on at the U as the DC, I doubt very much that Bronco makes that as the HC at BYU. Witt would have to make 25% of what he earns to move to BYU (if you disagree, prove it)

BYU will never be able to offer P5 type money even if it were to join the P5 so the pool, which is extremely small to begin with because of religious restrictions really does not exist. We really have to “raise our own”.

Like it or not Bronco is here and quite possibly our DC and OC. The fact that Hill and Williams are coming back makes it an easy call.

Let me info you a little Fish…

Sitaki father lives and works in Utah County. He has very close ties to BYU. Kalani also played at BYU. So there is that connection.

I think if BYU had actually went after Kalani, he would have came based on family (in the poly world, family out weighs money).

What cracks me up with your assumption is that there is anywhere out there is lala land that is considered reliable source.

Thanks for the info…I know the full history of Sitaki. So you are saying that family is worth more to you than a paycheck of 800,000 plus a year?

There is no assumption here. I know the ballpark pay these BYU coaches get and it is around 1/4 of what they are getting in P5 conferences.

Kalani would be here if BYU offered that kind of money but it won’t and the church never will. Like I said, it takes a special kind of coach to be at BYU and that pool is very small.