BYU is back! Rise and shout!

Finally we get a call! We should have scored more in the first half but came back and scored?

Those officials were bunch of homers for Boise state. About time we won!
How about that Liberty beating Arkansas?

Lots of surprises again this week. Look what Notre Dame did to Clemson

So I didn’t see the game. Stake conference. What was the difference in how BYU played? Was the defense better with Kalani calling defense? I have to admit that with all the players injured I thought BYU would lose bad.

The defense was good in the first half. For some reason, we reverted backwards in the second half until the last series. The offense moved the ball well between the 20’s. But in the red zone, we had problems especially in the first half. Our plays and personnel in the redzone has to change.

Im sure Tom will have something to say about the D. Weve been texting back and forth. So be short…Sitake sent 5 on the line with LB and Safety blitzes on 1st and 2nd downs. fun to watch, BSU has a 6’6 qb with legs so he would pull a Hall, and run for it but our D kept him on his toes and won the day.

Our O was vanilla except for Nacua’s big night and when we inserted seldom used Ropali at RB, and he busts two big plays. Why on earth would you use Katoa (who falls down if he is touched) on 3rd and short as well as goal line situations when you have the human balling ball that takes several hits to slow down???

See my other post. I took video of the plays I described as examples—seismic shift schematically from all season. Kept up the pressure all game. BSU is good so they had some good drives but controlling the run game on 1st and 2nd down with more guys in the box was the answer. Didn’t take a genius to figure that out. Great win and Puka Looks NFL ready. As in big time.

We are on the same page about Katoa. He did run well in situations. But, he’s not a wrecking ball runner. But, the reason Ropali wasn’t used in those situations is because he apparently is a fumble machine. He’s been working hard to correct that.

Looked like the aggressive defense fell off in the 2nd half. Open receivers again and wasn’t stopping the runs like in the 1st half.

I noticed right at the beginning of the game, they always seemed to make the progress for BYU a yard or two shorter than where it should have been.

Hall looked healthy and mobile, his passes were crisp and on target for the most part.
Hall actually threw the ball to a Tight End for the first time in a very long time.

Defense looked better, but as David Nixon said on post-game, when they went into pass protect, they did not go back far enough.

I do a have question for the group:
Last year, I heard that losing Keenan Pili was one of the reasons that our Linebackers were not so good last year. That it was a big blow to the LB’s group. Yet yesterday they talked about how all the studs LB’er’s (Tooley, Ah You, Wilger) were all out and that makes it hard for the inexperience LB’ers playing the game. But isn’t Pilli and ByWater good players?

Thank you Floyd. I was complaining about that. That punt that was touched on the 6 inch line was put at the 4 yard line. Why don’t our coaches complain more?

I believe you with your own eyes. As you know that I no longer be able to watch on TV and as well at the live sporting events because of my eyes. And again I believe you what you are saying what those officials were doing and especially when they will review Replays for Boise state.

Ah You has been hurt for almost 2 straight years, just can’t heal. Was supposed to be our best LB.
ByWater is very good, was everywhere in the BSU game… Pili is just not as effective as he was last year. Tooley is our best so that really hurt to lose him.