BYU is in the running for yet another player

Interesting that BYU is part of this guy’s final seven:

Do you think Pope can get him? Combo guard, so that may help at the point.

Just the fact that we are in the hunt for these type of players is a solid indication for the program going forward.

he wants to a primary point guard.
Pope needs one for the next two to three years. Perfect fit if he cottons to improvement based on statistical analysis

Here is an excellent article on Pope and why he is winning the recruiting battle

I think Pope is trying to jump start the program to get us to the point where we bring in people from high school and work them into the program. Kind of like what Arnold/Reid use to do.

Looks like we got our final piece signed and a great ball handler and playmaker. Brandon Averatte is a grad transfer from Ok State via UVUa.

Blazing quick, will break your ankles. This kid can ball…and he plays immediately. Will split time with Barcellos at Point.

So is this a stop gap measure then?

Here is Toolson view on the guy:

I am beginning to wonder if Caleb Lohner is actually coming to BYU. He was released from his letter of intent over a week ago and still no word that he has made if official that he is coming to BYU unless I have missed something.

I just know that Averette was the last piece of the puzzle that I was looking for because Barcellos was our best defender on guard. Averette is a true point guard and can run the team when Barcellos is resting or Averette can run the team and have Barcellos knocking down 3s at a 50% rate.

lohner is coming to BYU until I am told different.

Deepest team in history…

BYU would seem to have all the pieces even without Lohner but getting a true freshman who was a top 100 recruit with a skill set that could make a difference would be huge. Things I have read indicate he would be a candidate to start before the season ended and part of the rotation immediately. You can never have too much depth. He is somewhere between 6’6" & 6’8", athletic, has some muscle, and can shoot the 3, and put the ball on the floor. If he comes he could be the best true freshman BYU has had since Childs was a freshman. It looks like he could play high post or wing so he would add some versatility.

Barring injury, Pope should be able to have at least one skilled pg on the floor at all times, so things are looking very positive.

Jesse Wade is reportedly going to be walking on, which does give some extra space for another scholarship player if the transfer portal yields more talent…

With AB, and BA, both graduating next spring, the team will need another pg the following year or two…

Yes Lohner is all of that. I can’t speak to his character or coachability. I am sold on the new PG, Averatte. That kid will be fun to watch:

The true question will be…who gets all the minutes with this deep of team. We have 3 new guys that are deeper, taller then Kolby Lee AND I have no problem with Lee starting, he played that solid for BYU last year. And you add Baxter to the mix. That is a lot of meat and only so many minutes.

Then you have our 2-4 positions (where I think Baxter will end up playing)
The guy that stands out to me is Harding, he has earned the start, with George, Spencer Johnson, Knell

1 is solid with Barcellos and Averette but don’t sleep on Erickson, a great Fr. point from Timpview.

Solid starters have to be Barcellos, Harding, Haarms. With Averatte and Baxter or Lohner or Wayward…or do you see the problem? way too many good players. And what about George, that dude is so athletic.

And if Lohner does come, you would have to give him starter minutes, he is that talented.

Can’t wait.

Baxter may be the odd man out. That depends on if his shooting improves. What will be clear is that there are no automatic position players. The competition will only make us better. I see that the most minutes on the floor may be 25 minutes for any on player. We will pound teams on both offense and defense for 40 minutes.

Good to see the Cougars are expanding their recruiting area…

People talk about the change that is taking place and how good the team is going to be. Once again I will have to take a wait and see approach. All these incredibly talented players coming from the same places they have always come from…

How do you figure? I mean what is the factual basis for a statement like that? It isn’t necessarily true.

“Pope will have reassembled his roster in a way that they could make a run at a WCC title”

Here we go again with the pie in the sky idea that BYU is going to make a run at a wcc title. How many years have the Cougars been in the wcc now? How many basketball titles have they captured?

I always hope for the best but realistically don’t expect BYU to win a wcc basketball title when they cant consistently beat Gonzaga or St. Mary’s.

The cream rises to the top. Competition prepares for the game and who plays in the game.