BYU, just a peak at next year for kicks and giggles


Adams Jr. Growing pains but he will be a big part of BYU 2025.
Waterman Sr but has a covid year if he wants (most likely he plays pro ball, gets paid.

Knell, is he a grandpa by now?
Robinson if he comes back

Point Guard
Chandler (this kid has a big time future so I expect him to play in 2025

a starting 5 of

Hall- Chandler
Khalifa- Foos
Waterman-Adams Jr.

There’s others but that core can compete with this year’s team easy.
Pope has to be smilin

Add to the forwards Isaac Davis. He’s a top 100 recruit, built like Fouss, but taller and much faster up and down the court. He is an absolute UNIT. I think he will get minutes as the season goes on.

Pope has done a decent job this year of managing minutes, and the job will be even harder next year because Adams will have to play someplace, Saunders is already better than Knell, and I’m betting Chandler is better on day 1, and probably Baker as well.

Most are playing low to mid 20 minutes now. We can go 8-10 deep again. We may see a lot decide to transfer out as we may see other’s transfer in as well. What a problem to have. Khalifa has another year and should be healthier as well. May even be able to jump.

I knew I had left out one, brain fog from the big win…Ah, yes, Davis.
4-Star 2024 Forward Isaac Davis Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

I am very high on Baker, I saw enough with his few games. The ball handling was elite and his ability to drive past defenders is on level with a bigger, stronger TJ haws