BYU just got deep at Running Back

BYU football gets flip from former Stanford commit, RB LJ Martin - Deseret News

Here is his highlights.
LJ Martin - HS Career Highlights - LJ Martin highlights - Hudl

A few observations:
Fast, powerful runner who never goes down on the 1st hit. In fact, he runs through a bunch of tackles in many clips.

Versatile, he can catch the ball out of backfield, he runs the wildcat on goal line situations. He even throws the ball on trickery plays. Played his share of defense as a Linebacker, even kicks a field goal at the end of the clip.

He is going to see plenty of time as a T Freshman in the big 12.

Guys like this and Slovis should get some highly rated linemen recruited.

On film, he looks like Tyler Allgeier with more juke moves. As I posted a while back, some credit here goes to a counselor in the YSA ward bishopric here in El Paso. He works with LJs Dad and has been talking with him about the Church for a while now. Both LJ and his parents became excited about the atmosphere at the Y, and the Honor Code. The side benefits of sharing the gospel with your friends!


We also got a stud in David Latu from snow college as well.

Latu is a special get considering how bad we were on the D Line this past season.
season films - David Latu highlights - Hudl

I wonder if they might consider moving Miles Davis back to wide receiver, maybe slot receiver? With Ropati coming on late last year, moving Sol Jay to rb, and signing Robbins and Martin the RB room is getting crowded.

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good point, I like the idea of Davis back a slot receiver.

Havent heard too much about our Line Backers? or the straingth of our DBs.

They recruited some good d lineman. one was from USU.

Here is a list of some of the good defensive Lineman recruited this year:
Motekiai Mounga (HS 3 star)
David Latu (Snow College 3 star)
Paul Maile (Utah 3 star)
Siasale Esera (HS 4 star)

1.Anyone know what’s up with McChesney? He had the makings of a great RB, but, like his brother, can’t seem to stay healthy.

  1. Look at this film on LJ Martin from this kid is a special talent! He both breaks tackles & stops and starts on a dime. Very elusive, but runs over people. They split him out at WR, put him in the slot, or even from the backfield he runs good routes, high points the back shoulder fade in the end zone like our best WRs and has really good hands. He’s going to be special!

Rivals rates him 3*, but only one- tenth of a point short of 4.

Clearly they missed on the rating. This kid is D1 ready. Surprised that he passed on Baylor.

This may be the reason why he passed on Baylor
Commit Highlights: Washington’s game-winner propels Franklin to the semis | SicEm365

I think LJ is a better player

And he is both humble and highly intelligent avoiding to the folks down here in El Paso. The Honor Code was actually what sparked interest in BYU in the first place. This is the kind of kid we need to find more of, 4* athlete with character, good academics and who knows about and buys into the Honor Code. Big 12 affiliation will help us find more of them in the future.

The more interviews I hear, the more I’m looking forward to seeing LJ play.

The Big 12 is not renowned for its great defenses, so I’m hopeful that BYU fits right in with a high-powered offense. I’m predicting that BYU wins at least 7 games and that the Heisman Trophy winner is one of three Big 12 quarterbacks: Dillon Gabriel (Oklahoma), Jalon Daniels (Kansas), or Kedon Slovis.

Speaking of Slovis, I’ve heard that he attended sacrament meeting in Southern California with Isaac Rex this past weekend. I like the way he’s showing leadership by bonding with the playersthis off season and getting to know the culture of the university a little bit better.