BYU leads the PAC-12

4-0 With PAC-12. Nice to see the run game back. Still need more pressure on defense instead bend and break. Field goals have to get better.

Notes: No rain, no fumbles! Only 1 quarter with rain out of 28 quarters with fumbles. Case rested!

Notes: No point in discussing rain. No case.

Why do you continue to beat dead horses? time after time after time…

What’s with the Cougar faithful here? We beat another P5 and it’s silent. This is another great win. They had won their last 3 games. We are 4-1 against P5’s. Fantastic!!!

Grasshopper: I agree with you about our football defense. It does not look good at all. Too me, neither does Hall look good at QB.

15-20 and he can run as you saw as well. This opened up the holes for Algiers. This is still a team game and you have to look at more than on thing. The fact is, WSU defensive backs were all over our receivers deep. Good thing he didn’t throw deep.
The defense gave up 3 touchdowns. That’s it. But, if we had more pressure on the QBs, that would help. At least mix up the defense some.

You’re misstating things. It was another grind it out squeaker of a win. If you take that along with a beatdown at the hands of Baylor and a bad loss to a weak Boise State team that is a summary of the season so far. Not “fantastic” and not a “great” win.

Yes, great win. All P5 wins are great! To BYU fans anyway.