BYU-LSU Prediction

LSU comes out a little overconfident after seeing BYU’s underwhelming performance against PSU. BYU’s run defense is pretty good, but we give up some big plays to Guice and company. As a sidenote, Guice is the best RB we’ll play all year. Potential 1st Round Draft Pick.

Detmer opens the playbook some with a couple creative plays like a Halfback pass, throwback to TE, bootleg, etc, and we have some success. And we at least keep LSU’s amazing defense honest.

Our special teams get thoroughly outplayed, which will surprise none of us, including giving up a TD on a blocked punt, KO return, etc.

Vegas spread started at 8.5 two weeks ago. It’s ballooned to 16.5 today. LSU wins comfortably but the Cougs cover. 27-13.

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I would actually enjoy this outcome - I fear much worse though. I have it more like 31-10

I think this game is going to turn out much closer than that. This is LSU’s first game, and I suspect there will be some adjustment for them. I suspect LSU will win, but I think neither team will break 20, and the game will be decided by a late field goal.

If this game is decided by a late field goal it will be a great sign for BYU. My fear is that BYU D will not be able to stop the run. Tanner will struggle making his reads and the speed of the LSU D will really give us problems.

Guess we shouldn’t play the game then :wink:

LSU lost top defensive players. 6 or 7 of them to the NFL. We have a chance to score. We will see about Guice if he will play. Had wisdom teeth out and may be a bit slow.

Team speed kills and LSU has the speed.

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I think BYU will do fine against the run, especially with Butch back. The offensive line should be much improved over last week, so I think Tanner will be able to make some plays – not a lot, but enough to keep things competitive – as I said, low scoring affair. Defensive speed is important but it’s not everything, and it’s not like BYU is THAT far behind. LSU does not strike me as an offensive powerhouse. I think if we can stuff the run enough to force their QB to put the ball in the air more than usual, that should be a win for us. Our corners look excellent, we just need to plug up the middle better.

I like your analysis and hope your predicted outcome is not too conservative. After watching the Portland State game, I had more questions about our Offense than I had before the game. Mangum seemed hesitant at times and even with time that LSU certainly will not give us, he still had trouble with hitting receivers further down the list. I am optimistic, but know it could get ugly fast if we are not prepared.

I sure hope some of you are right, because my great fear is that BYU doesn’t score at all and their defense scores more points than our offense. Unless something wonderful happened this week, meaning that we do a lot of quick pops to the Tight Ends (doesn’t matter if they’re open or not, just throw it at their hands and not the other guys) and Tanner actually throws the ball BEFORE his guy breaks open (instead of waiting for open guys like he did all game last week - three to four seconds is about all the time he will mostly get), Tanner will get sacked anywhere from 4-8 times in this game, if not more. Holding the rock for longer than that will be devastating and Tanner will look like a punching bag by game end and may not be able to play against Utah.

That’s my fear. LSU has the defensive players to cover man to man so the linebackers are gonna come, and I can tell you right now that Canada is no where near the blocker that Jamal was so he’ll get pushed aside and lookout Tanner.

I hope so much I’m wrong - but my gut tells me that this scenario could easily play out.

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We had a lot to fall back on last year in Hill and Williams. We don’t have that cushion this year. The coaches are good but the inexperience is high on both sides of the ball. We have 3 smallish running backs who will not be able to run on LSU. Catch passes, yes. Run No! I am hoping that the big backs and Riley Burt get some time in the game. I just don’t have confidence in the D Line and the backers excepting butch… If he doesn’t get hurt again.

But I really hope that Detmer didn’t open the play book last week and I am wrong on all accounts… That the entire game last week was a product designed to put LSU at ease.

I agree, but the same thing would have been said in …
2015: BYU / Nebraska (33-28)
2009: BYU / Oaklahoma (14-13)

Not predicting an upset, but there’s always a chance… :grin:

My prediction: BYU - 31, LSU - 20

enter Tolutau. I agree, the Oline is the key and we will soon find out that a strong running back will be needed to counter LBers and Ends from killing Tanner. We have a good record against their D coordinator, who used to be a USU guy, so we know he will be sending the blitz packages. Throw the ball down field in Shumway’s direction. Trinnamin can’t hold onto any balls thrown in his direction. Baby Pau’u completely impressed me, he needs some catches and of course, our new weapon, Tight ends need to bring their A game.

I am not predicting anything so far in this game. LSU has all 4 and 5 star guys. There will be the fist game rust so LSU will be running behind the All American but if we can’t stop him, the game will not be close. We stop him and BYU has a great chance for the upset…At their place, we can call it a neutral location but that would be a bold faced lie.

Grasshopper - Have you been watching college football over the last decade? We might hold LSU to 20 points, but how on earth are we going to score 31? We only scored 20 against lowly PSU. Our receivers have no speed and get no separation. I hope you are right.

The general consensus of this thread is that Cougar fans (including me) will be happy with a non blowout loss in a pretty competitive non-embarrassing game. Of course, we don’t want to lose 31-17 with the score being 31-3 starting the 4th quarter.

Prophecy :thinking: