BYU managed 4 votes in the latest AP poll

That’s 3 more than the week before, but it’s clear they still haven’t done enough to impress the voters. Gonzaga is number one now, and St. Mary’s has 29 votes, but not in the top 25.

The coaches poll gives the Cougars no love yet. Sagarin has them at 30.

I agree with others who say that a win over St. Mary’s will finally cause the voters to take notice. I worry about Ford; he gives us problems.

It takes time to get any votes like how Gonzaga has been rank overtime (several years). Just like BYU Football did in the early 80’s when we won the NC and then we were rank top 10 (I believe) 1985 season. I don’t care how Coaches/AP think how they ranks each Universities which are flaws.

Changing subject here: Today at Cottonwoord Heights (mostly utes fans near Sandy, Ut.), DWR had to removed two dead animals at some resident home back yard (a Bobcat and a Skunk). That way our Cougars would not come back in that resident area (next to Big Cottonwood Canyon). I thought as a fun joke, we beat Weber State which they are the Wildcats (or Bobcat) and Utes Stunk it up against SDSU last Saturday. But, I still am surprise Utes won against Kentucky last week at LV T-Mobile Neutral location.

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SMC has been very impressive in wins and really stunk it up in other games. For a Bennett machine, they sure do have their breakdowns. I would not be surprised with BYU wins in Moraga…or if SMC smacks them and gets beat down when they come to Provo. Pomeroy has them 28 while BYU is at 35 and a very interesting USU way down at 48. I don’t know when Pomeroy updates, if its weekly or by the minute but USU just went to Florida and beat a ranked team on its own floor. With the Pre League games over, BYU will be validated by how the Houston, USU, Va Tech teams play.

Do I think BYU should be ranked in the top 25? I will answer it this way: With Childs and if Lee can get back healthy, I would not bet against BYU when we play anybody including Gonzaga or Kansas.

Barcello is a lockdown defender that can make Ford look average. Look what he did when assigned to guard Sam Merrell from USU? Barcello hitting game winning shots will only make him more confident in hotly contested games when Haws has a bad night. Yo seems to be playing like a true NBA prospect. Before this year, he did not defend well and had no outside shot, tighten up his free throws and Yo is a late 1st rounder all day long.

Yes, National media is just waking up to BYU. Maui caught a lot of attention but BYU could sting Gonzaga and that would send our stock into

Gonzaga gets votes because of their history and track record. Much like some of the Big 12 or Big 10 teams does in football.

BYU has been down for a few years, If Pope can get us back to what we were doing when we came into the league, I think you will see BYU getting more votes.