BYU, mid season report and odds of winning out

BYU football: What grades do the Cougars deserve? - Deseret News

just a few words on the BSU game. In hindsight, BYU was within winning that game after a 6 turnover game (I include that stupid call just before half time where Sitake went for it on 4th down and gave BSU and EXTRA 7 pts. going into the half). Granted, BSU played the time-grind it out game, letting BYU make all the mistakes; Even so, BYU was still in the game. BYU was WAY BETTER then BSU and that is why this one really hurts.

In hindsight, BYU beat a very good Utah team because Utah had the wrong QB running the show (gone now) and Tuiaki was very disruptive on Defense. We kept that QB looking over his shoulder. Would be a totally different game if we had a repeat today.
Same on the ASU game, probably more so as ASU has a phenom. QB. We got away with one and everybody knows it.

Going forward:
Baylor is a 6.5 favorite in Wacco.
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I expect our offense to show up, Hall may not be cleared to run yet so that hurts BYU’s chances a bunch.
BYU wins: If Romney plays or Hall is cleared to run…
BYU loses: Its a road game and Tuiaki is not creative on D!

My only issue with the article is that they gave the special team section a grade lower than I thought they should be. Outside of that, thought it was spot on.

Should it be funny that our second best player behind Allgeier is the punter? Why does that make me laugh so much?