BYU Nebraska Game

First play was a pass??? :wink:

Hill is passing very well today. Unfortunately, the defense can’t cover the receivers.

Why do we have one defender on two receivers?

Hill limping heading to locker room. Dang

But tied game at 14

No buts! That’s a big deal! Non-contact injury too!

Well, most of the time I see even with one-on-one we can’t cover them.

Things are turning around now. We have the lead and turn over and another score!!! :smile:

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24-14 half time lead.

Hill looking very good. Magnum looked good too in his short time.
Most balls are being caught, but two drops. One would have led to an additional score near half time.
Running game is not really there, but that is probably because Nebraska is playing against it.
Anae’s playing calling has been surprisingly fresh today. Just hope he doesn’t go ultra conservative in the second half. Keep the foot on the pedal!

Defense is picking it up and looking much better than in the first quarter.

Big thumbs up for the first half. Let’s keep it going.

Early time out in 3rd q? Don’t get it

Nice win for the Cougs!! Too bad about Taysom