Byu offers JJ Mandaquit, Kos signs

(12) Courtside Films on X: “2025 PG JJ Mandaquit put up 29 points and 8 assists yesterday! @jjmandaquit23 @thegrindsession @UtahPrepHoops” / X (

Great floor general.
Can create his own shot
Can shoot from anywhere but has a killer mid range, pull up.

4-Star Forward Brody Kozlowski Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

(13) Adam Finkelstein on X: “The Brody Kozlowski file: :black_small_square:True mismatch scoring forward :black_small_square:Broad & strong; absorbs contact :black_small_square:Scoring threat from various spots :black_small_square:Shoots it from 3, can PnP, & post :black_small_square:Very good in offensive structure :black_small_square:Smart & fundamentally sound :black_small_square:Always productive” / X (

True mismatch scoring forward ![
Broad & strong; absorbs contact
Scoring threat from various spots
Shoots it from 3, can PnP, & post
Very good in offensive structure’
Smart & fundamentally sound
Always productive

I see a slow white kid that is a pure shooter if he can get open.
Will not be an inforcer inside

I’m not seeing “slow white kid.” He gets his shot off quickly and runs the floor well. Makes layups too.

Have you heard how the sit-down last night between Hall and Young went?

So what is he a taller Trevon Knell?

He had a lot of offers and is a top 100 rated player. Should be good.

Guess it didn’t go so good? We should have heard something by now. Keep hoping.

Saunders recommitted to BYU, so some good news.


Where did you hear this from?

Just saw that. Great news! Now let’s Get Hall back and another guard and a couple of bigs.

Great news, saw it on desert news

BYU basketball: Richie Saunders will return to the Cougars – Deseret News

Best news yet

Let’s get hall locked in and I won’t feel so rotten about this whole Chandler thing

And Hall is back

Great news! Now can Chandler come back too? He really should as well.
We now need to recruit a couple of bigs and another point guard as well.

BYU should be as good as last season.
We will see what young can bring in.

Five of the eight man rotation return, staters Hall, Knell, and Waterman, and two of the top 3 reserves Traore and Saunders. Fous and Saunders were both better than Knell and Khalifa. Koslowski and Davis could both contribute next year and I forgot about Dawson Baker. I expect Davis or Kozlowski to make an impact. Now if Young can go get a good big man and a good guard through the portal things should be set for another good year.

Most of us didn’t expect Robinson to return. Losing Chandler was disappointing and losing Khalifa was a surprise but not too big of a deal in my opinion. With Khalifa gone Traore should have a big senior year getting 30 + minutes a game.

Hall Can create his own shot- Saunders until we get a good point.
Saunders Best defender
Baker Can create his own shot - Knell can back him up
Foos Should be a 20-10 machine
Waterman Started out strong, needs some extra lbs.

Kos and Davis will be getting some time. Knell is back
with Atiki in the Transfer portal, need a center BAD!
also a point.
Brooks bahr and

BYU Basketball Reportedly Makes the Top Five for Point Guard Jalen Blackmon (

Will Stewart progress in the off season to also control on offense? I think with Pope gone, we will see more from Stewart.
We need at least 2 bigs with the injury bug we seem to have. And another shooting guard as well. We need a strong bench again.