BYU plays Gonzaga instead of Pacific on Thursday

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Few knows he has to play to be relevant, as does Pope. I am just happy we play a game and these class teams worked a deal. I suppose we can go back and make up the Pacific or any other missed game in that Gonzaga slot. Go cougs. Cory Keispert is going to eat our freshmen defender’s lunch. I think he is the highest rated player in America right now.

I predict we win 86-79…

It’s a good thing. BYU isn’t getting any better not playing, so now they are playing the best and it’s good experience that will pay dividends later. Losing to the Zags won’t hurt the tournament resume. Zags by +20

Kispert and the Big Man from Iowa have been the two best players in the country this year.
GU has played 4 ranked teams already, and thrashed them by an average margin of 12/5 points.
Against those 4 teams, Kispert scored 32, 13 (foul trouble), 19 and 23
Against those 4 teams, Timme scored 29, 15, 17 and 25
Against those 4 teams, Suggs scored 8, 27, 4 and 24.
Against those 4 teams, GU’s “Big 3” combined to shoot 56% on 85/151.

Takeaways: Against some of the highest ranked teams in the country, GU’s studs DOMINATED their competition. These 3 almost never take a bad shot. They are incredibly talented and incredibly disciplined, and have–by a wide margin IMHO–the best coach in the country.

I love Coach Pope, and love what he is doing and will do in the future, but I just don’t think we have anywhere near the horsepower to stop these guys. I was wrong when I predicted SDSU would beat us by 10+, but I think this one is GU by 15 and taking their foot off the gas.

That said, props to BYU, Holmoe, Coach Pope, ESPN, and GU for making this game happen. These schools are cancelling games when they don’t even have positive covid tests–that’s why we see “for covid related reasons” in the press releases, instead of “because x players have tested positive.”
Yet another example of why I hate BYU being in the Rec League. Most years I go to the game at UP. Last year the reported attendance was 3013, and that’s a joke. There were MAYBE 2500 fans there (season tickets and giveaway tickets are counted even if the people don’t show up, and the season ticket area had lots of empty seats in it–for example, I always have tickets left for me at the team window, but if I don’t show up, my tickets are still counted towards attendance), and easily more than half were BYU fans. So Portland has 1500 fans who care enough to even go to the games. The “student section” normally has MAYBE 150 kids in it–fewer than a high school game. In fact, the entire “vibe” feels like a HS game. Why would the University care about the program when the fans and alumni don’t even care? That’s the story for most of the Rec League.

Like I’ve said, they should automatically forfeit and take a loss when they won’t play.

Did I say Gonzaga would win 100 - 69?

We start so slow. We then had a good run down 13 with 4 minutes in the first half. Then, we turn the ball over and shoot poorly. Now down 23 at half time. Starting guards look pathetic. 11 turnovers.

They definitely took there foot off the gas, but the Zags have been toying with everyone. BYU has some bright spots, but Gonzaga dominated our guards. Still fun watching for me-a great Gonzaga team and good young talent for BYU