BYU @ Portland Postponed

And so it begins…

Glad I didn’t purchase the tickets yet and my wife, who was going with me for the first time, will probably be relieved. :slight_smile:

I’m a little worried that this is going to wreak havoc on yet another basketball season. Women’s game postponed, too; and they are really looking good this year. It’s a shame.

It can be stopped by having teams that won’t play forfeit and pay the team that they were to play restitution as well. We are two years into this and players mostly don’t get sick with Covid. They can play with the flu. Omicron isn’t nearly as bad. Enough!

There are several changes to the WCC opening games. Santa Clara postpone with Pacific, San Diego game was postponed as well.

Spoken by someone who never played competitive sports (sorry Karate does not count). I have played with the flu when I was in High School, it was not fun, nor was I at my best. What dumb statement.

BTW Scott, why don’t you go out and catch this variant and test your theory that it is nothing more than the flu, then come back and report your findings.

I await your reply…

I know people who have caught the variant and it is not like the flu, it is a lot worse. The only difference is that you won’t be hospitalized as much.

Why do you respond with stupid responses. Yes, players play all the time with the flu and colds. If it’s too bad then they don’t. But, the question has to do with Omicron which you haven’t been educated on yet. Most have no symptoms. Those that do it’s more like a cold and very mild. It’s time to end the Democrat shutdowns and fearmongering. The players are vaccinated and Omicron responds to those who catch it. I thought you Democrats demand science? Guess not.

I have been very well educated on this subject, that is why I told you to go catch this variant, then come back and tell us all that it is nothing more than a flu.

I have three children all in the medical field (one in Medical research that deals with this virus) that has kept up on all this information.

Yes, if you catch it, you may not end up in the hospital as the previous variants, but it is still serious side affects for your long term health, which they are still researching. Not to mention the fact that it is highly contagious, where before if you were around the virus, chances were you would catch it, now you may not catch it, but pass it on to someone else which makes it more deadly for those people who are more vulnerable (auto immune deficiency issues).
The good news is that if the Omnicron Variant becomes the dominant variant in the world it will move the Covid-19 pandemic into the epidemic status, which means that is can be treated with vaccines much like the Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox type viruses.

I agree that shutting down places that some states (mostly democrat) is not only bad move, but also fear mongering. But to be honest, with all the Bull Crap that both the far right and left have spewed out in the media about this virus, A lot of people are having a hard time knowing just what is “The Truth”.

But When the Prophet of the Lord tells people that the vaccines are safe and they should get vaccinated, I generally listen to the man, not only because he is a prophet, but the Prophet also is medical expert who actually brought in people from the various companies that created the vaccines and talked with them about the process they used, the side effects, etc. (This last part was told to me in a Missionary conference with Elder Rasband).

Then I see these so called “good LDS people” posting all this Anti-Vac/Masks crap, it causes me to wonder about people.

Reminds me of those people during Moses time when all they had to do to be saved from the snakes was to look upon the Bronze Serpent and they simply could not or would not do it to save themselves.

Sorry, being a little judgmental here… My apologizes for offending anyone’s sensitivities.

BTW, You are wrong about the players, not all of them are vaccinated, as per a comment Pope made to the press that he had to make some changes based on the players vaccination status.

The last statement is interesting now. It’s pretty obvious now that the vaccine does not stop anyone from getting the virus, especially the Omicron variant and Delta variant. Listening to Gutfeld show yesterday, Kat Timpf just had the Omicron and earlier had the Delta. She was fully vaccinated. Another Fox Contributor today said her sister has had the virus 3 times now and is not vaccinated. So, the idea that if you catch it that you are now completely protected by natural immunity is not true either. The purpose of the vaccines (not really vaccines) is actually for antiviral protection. Much like the Monocloval antibody treatments and the new Pfizer Pill, Paxlovid.

The Omicron variant is 70 times more contagious than the Delta variant which is 40 times more contagious than the original Covid19 virus. So, the fact is, we are all going to get it if we all haven’t as of yet. The degree we get sick is showing to be much less damaging than previous variants, which is good news. Hopefully, as it mutates, it will do like other viruses do, get less potent.

So, does it really matter now if athletes are Omicron positive? Most people with this are asymptomatic. When they are sick, they aren’t getting the death pneumonia like before. Especially these young athletic kids. So what if they test positive or have been near someone with it? If they aren’t sick, let them play. It’s time to stop the fearmongering. It’s time to stop using this for political and personal reasons like Democrats have and continue to, as well as Dr. Death Fauci. The most evil man of our days. He let the labs experimenting with bat viruses gain of function have millions of dollars to let this happen. Obama actually said don’t do it and said he stopped it. But, guess what? Fauci continued anyways even with labs inside the U.S. He should be in jail for lots of reasons. Genocide for one.

I am safe in my 1984 bubble with no social media, very limited news, a job I really like and a family I really love…sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

And if anyone calls me ignorant I’ll say take a number and get in line behind my 4 adult, smart aleck kids :slight_smile:

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Honestly I am amazed at how easily people are being led around by a nose ring and told what to do. We are coming up on 2 years now (my missionary comes home in a month and he came home for 3 months, from the MTC in Mexico, when the panic started) with no end in sight. The plandemic is wreaking havoc on people, on society, culture and life in general and the physical symptoms aren’t the worst of it. I think the emotional, mental and psychological tolls are far worse.

It’s a weird world we live in.

Agree completely. On top of that, Omicron is less potent and yet more contagious. But, the mainstream media and some on Fox keep the fearmongering going on. And, there are places beginning to shut down again. People are mentally sick.

Millions will get omicron and some old and sick people will die just like they would if they got some other illness.

This pandemic has been the answer to the prayers of big government control freaks. If you can, get out of California and move to a red state where they will allow the healthy to be free adults capable of making their own decisions and where they will protect those at risk.

Dang Aro… now I am stressed. I have too many things keeping me here right now.

If you leave then you would be in the camp of good men doing nothing. Things are moving back to a more sane way. Even the mayor of San Francisco has changed her toon.

I think it is more of an answer to some people desire to thin the herd of stupid people OR as my dad would say “Prevent the pollution of the gene pool”.

Seriously, I mean how many Israelites died because they simply refused to “look upon the brass Serpent” to be healed?

Everyone talks about “Constitutional” rights of the mandates, but that was settled way back in 1907 in the SCOTUS Massachusetts vs Jacobson case.

In that case, the court ruled that State’s (Not the federal government, Sorry Mr. President) can mandate masks or even vaccinations. there stance was “Your personal Liberties do not supersede the health and welfare of the community.” That is why you don’t see many lawsuits over State mandates.

Unfortunately, Liberals on the Federal level convinced our delusional President that they have the right to mandate Vaccines and Masks.

Our own Prophet has said “The vaccines are safe and we should get them”. So I guess the bottom line is “Do you follow the Prophet, or lean unto your own understanding?”

BTW, for reference here about what I just posted, Elder Rasband said in a Missionary Fireside I attended with about 300 other inner city missionaries, was that President Nelson asked many of the researchers (who happened to be LDS) that worked on the vaccine to come to SLC and explain the whole process to him and the 12. What steps they took, the protocols they used, the method of scientific research they followed, etc.

Since President Nelson has a background in medicine, has a good grasp on how research processes are done. I will and have followed his advice.

That would be good information to get out to the general public. At least for the general membership. Do you have a copy of any of this? The conference you attended or an official transcript from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. That would be awesome!

Unfortunately, The First President has a policy that they do not allow the fireside to be taped, or that there is a transcript for “obvious” reasons that some may get a hold of it and “alter” it for wrong reasons.

But like said, he said this in front of about 300 inner city missionaries. So I am not alone in him saying it.

I wish we could have taped it Scott, I think Elder Rasband is an amazing speaker and some of the other things that he taught was truly uplifting and simply profound. His wife was pretty good as well. I thinking a lot of people could benefit from hearing him.