BYU pro day today

So who has a chance to play at the next level for BYU pro day? There are actually 31 nfl scouts at the event, which is like double the number of participants from BYU.

I have been saying for years that Takitaki is a beast and apparently he has been shining up to this point. I hope he can increase his stock even more. I think Kaufusi has a good chance but beyond those two does anyone else?

I saw that Mangum is a participant but I think his ship sailed a few years ago. Also, Kaufusi is a nice kid but is he still a BYU student? He has a nice beard going so he must have a card, right? The hopper better look into this and report him if necessary.

Which Kaufusi? There are several.

Hopper, Bronson is already in the NFL and Devin has a couple years left at the Y. Corbin is hoping for the NFL. If there was a position for it, I could see him as a kick-blocking specialist. But I don’t think he has the strength or build to be a DE, but maybe he could play in Europe, the CFL, or the new pro football league in the US.

It’s funny to me that BYU had so many guys have pro days. Some of them didn’t even stand out for our very average team the past few years. But I suppose they should follow their dreams, right?

Takitaki will get drafted…3rd round maybe? The only other guy who I think has an NFL chance is El-Bakari. A handful of teams use fullbacks and he is a good one. He also is strong at ST, which matters.

Did Corbin had surgery after that Utah game? I am sure he’ll get in the NFL either way, drafted or undrafted. I agree he is perfect as a kick-blocking specialist.

Will this winter/spring football going to survive? I say give another year and they will fold.

Tanner has been working out with a performance improvement group. that is why he looks like a new guy.

speaking of Tanner, I saw him in the Draper Temple Saturday with his parents and older brother.

won’t say more, because that is his business to talk about.

had a nice chat with his dad. salt of the earth type guy. his brother is pretty funny.

Almost rumor statement there. I thought he’s married. Was his wife with him? Is that the rumor you are trying to start?

He seemed like a nice guy who was a team person. He had similar mental issues like Emery. I hope he’s better.

Tanner is not married at this time…

no rumor… I WAS THERE!

Your comment “He had similar mental issues like Emery” now that is what is called a rumor.

Floyd, I think that this board … collectively ought to take a break from responding to ill-informed and ridiculous stmts from Hopper. The mental issue Mangum and Emery comparison should easily fit into that category. So, I propose that when Hopper makes such a stmt about sports, church, players, or anything else … everyone doesn’t need to engage him and we all just know that it is a waste of time. Doing this will save countless thousands of hours over the year!! It will also save the sanity of the board!!!

I will always have great admiration for Tanner for disclosing his struggles to the world.

I talked to his dad about it at the Temple and told his that Tanner could become of the greatest football players ever and it would not be as important as what he did for all of us who struggle with depression.
Opening up like he did, made so those of us who don’t have the fame and glory could have a little bit of hope that we are not alone…

As far as I am concerned, Tanner will be one of my favorite QB’s at BYU because of the strength he showed by opening up about the issue.

The rest of your comment, I will agree to do…

Tanner is engaged to Gordon Monson’s daughter, a former BYU tennis player.

You are the one that put this statement of rumor. What is the business to talk about? You are trying to stir the pot.

In other words, as long as one side of an issue isn’t challenged, you like it. It’s eliminating free speech and controlling the thoughts of individuals. Whether you are conservative or liberal you are against free speech and listening to both sides of any issue. Why?

Sorry, but you do seem to be impaired or incapable to understand what I am talking about… so I will leave it at that.

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This is my last response to Hoppers ridiculous assertion that anyone who doesn’t respond to his drivel is banishing free speech. I/We are not taking away your free speech, Hopper! We would never do that. It gives us innumerable laughs. What I am going to do is sit on my right not to speak in answer to your devils advocate strategy and poorly thought out (or lack of basic knowledge) thoughts or rants. It isn’t taking away your free speech, but rather exercising my right not to speak to issues that waste time, are uniformed while not trying to become informed, and generally just pestering people by making statements that are designed to stir the pot.

With that said, I suspect that when people see comments from you that are clearly designed to do the above mentioned things … they may also just pretend that they didn’t see your attempt(s) and just engage the other posters who have sincere motives but real differences or the same schools of thought. This will allow the majority to be constructive with everyone else while not feeling bad about not answering your posts that are designed to pot stir.

All I can say is Yes.

Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen!,Amen! :rofl:

You are going to have a very long and boring summer awaiting the BYU-Utah game Aug. 28th.
I just don’t understand why you are threatened by opposing viewpoints on some subjects. We probably agree on way more than we disagree.

Heavenly Father accepts just one Amen at a time :slight_smile:

With you and your comments… he will make an exception to the rule… :rofl:

To me El-Bakari stood out in the BYU Pro-Day. I hope that he gets a chance. Takitaki is the one real hope for the NFL to be drafted. I love his attitude.He has a try out for the Tennessee Titans tomorrow and for the KC Chiefs soon. I think Corbin Kaufusi has a chance. I just hope that his injuries do not limit his chances for the NFL. I think Kaufusi and Tanner Mangum have a chance for the CFL and/or one of the new leagues like the AAF.