BYU Recruiting Strategy

I just saw an article about the new star men’s VB player. It starts like this:
“The BYU men’s volleyball program often uses its strong connections overseas, its tradition of success and its far-reaching alumni network to attract some of the best international players it can get.”

What is wrong with this picture? Haha BYU basketball apparently didn’t get the memo. As a senior BYU administrator told me a few days ago, “You can’t tell me that somewhere in the world there isn’t an LDS kid exactly like Franky Ferrari who would love to come to BYU.”

Who is that young man? And, who says he hasn’t been approached by Rose? All this guessing nonsense on what is going on. Why don’t you ask Rose himself?

You should read some of your own posts, they are full of supposition, conjecture and guessing. Also, you like to interpret what you hear or read so it fits your own ideas. We are all just trying to find answers for all of the problems that BYU baksetball is having right now.

Why don’t you try and do the same? You don’t because apparently it doesn’t matter and you are content with how things are.

Hopper - That is a condescending comment by you. Tom is posting a big picture comment. And it’s a good one. He’s not asking why DR didn’t talk with any one person. He’s saying maybe BYU Basketball should expand their recruiting techniques to look outside the US to find gems.

And I said maybe they are. I know Jim is right that we are trying to fix something we have no control over and no inside knowledge of what is actually going on except for what comes out of the mouths of the coach and the players. I normally agree with the players and coaches as I once coached myself. I don’t make up stories on why a player like Baxter didn’t play early on. I coached premadonnas and sat them early on because they weren’t coachable. Just like every other coach does in that situation. Baxter wasn’t ready physically or mentally. I have the suspicion Dastrup wasn’t coachable.
So, the question really is, what does DR do that has premadonnas not willing to be coached by him? If you want to get rid of DR, maybe that’s the angle you should be looking at.

[quote=“tlarimer, post:1, topic:8273”]
What is wrong with this picture? Haha BYU basketball apparently didn’t get the memo. As a senior BYU administrator told me a few days ago, “You can’t tell me that somewhere in the world there isn’t an LDS kid exactly like Franky Ferrari who would love to come to BYU.”

I would think that volleyball coaches and basketball coaches would be on a speed dial. Can’t use this kid but I hear he can stand under the rim and put his elbow above it, give him a call, coach and have him send a highlights tape. World wide web of talent scouts.

on a personal note, NBA coach tells me that he has floated some names to Rose through our contact, Quinsy, and they never got back to him so he sends the recruits elsewhere. My coach does bball camps in Africa to Croatia. BYU…crickets.

Tom… I believe the volleyball coach does have connections because of his playing days and it is a big sport over there…

I think it is disingenuous to blame Rose for not recruiting in Europe, when most Colleges don’t either.

This is my opinion only, but since Rose had his issues with Cancer, I just don’t see him as active as he could be in recruiting talent to come to BYU (that passes Academic standards).

Say it isn’t so Jim… :rofl::rofl:

My question is does he “Qualify” (Academics) to come to BYU ?

And here we go with the next big excuse for why BYU can’t improve their basketball program now. None of the good players can qualify academically. Of course that was never a problem in the past but it is a huge obstacle now. Just because of the sheer numbers of kids who apply and want to attend BYU, it might cause many people to think it is very difficult for a high level athlete to do the same.

Not true. This is only an excuse for why the BYU basketball team is regressing.

Jim, stop living in the past…
do me a favor and verify things before telling someone what they posts is an excuse…

Please for crap sake, open your mind…

It has been well documented through various sources that BYU has raised thier academic standard’s a lot…

I have heard from the baseball coach to the football coaches to the volleyball coach all saying the same thing"recruiting has become more difficult".

It not an excuse, it’s a new reality.

What do you care, as long as you have something to bag on about the coaches and how you could do so much better, right?

Not trying to sound like a politician here, but I think the truth is in the middle of where you both are on this topic.

Yes, the Honor Code and Academic standards are a big deal. But I think there are two big issues we can focus on…which we actually can do something about.

  1. Recruit the top LDS or willing to live LDS standards (ie, Jamal Willis, Matt Carlino) guys and be creative in recruiting such as Africa and elsewhere (Ziggy Ansah).

  2. Do better with what we do get. This is my biggest issue. We’ve lost way too many players over the years who had potential but didn’t get playing time or whatever and transferred. This has been well-documented on Cougarfan with names such as Bartley IV, Dastrup Chatman, etc.

I was listening on the radio to one of the asst. coaches talk about recruiting, he was asked what is the biggest issue with recruiting for BYU? His answer was the new academic standards, what was more surprising is that he said the HC was not even in the top three issues. There are a lot of good kids who want to live the standards at BYU, well at least their moms wants them to live the standards :open_mouth:

The thing I have noticed is that many top LDS recruits who live outside of Utah do not want to come to BYU, many of them grew being fans of other colleges. I am not sure why BYU fans can not understand that concept.

I agree with piont 2 whole heartedly. I think in football, I believe the issue was who they hired as assistant when Kalani came. Not very good. I think this new group of coaches (well maybe not the DC) is doing a lot better at utilizing the talent.

With basketball, I am wondering if the bout with cancer has taken some of the motivation out of Rose, I just don’t see the same fire in his eyes as before.

I would not presume to say one way or the other, but I remember Rose getting a lot more “T’s” in the past.

I will tell you that the players have changed from yester-year, they are lot more developed and trained. Their attitude as also changed as to demanding playing time.

My mine theme behind my comment, is Jim always being critical of the coaches and their actions, without having the knowledge that these coaches have on what is really going on behind the curtains.

Ziggy wasn’t recruited to play football. He tried other sports. I think he just came here. That’s why he didn’t play his freshman year. He tried basketball. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I think happened. He was a walk on.

Well documented by who? The question is why weren’t they getting the playing time? I think you recruit players that are coachable and uncoachable. So, they develop differently.
Sometimes the reason is the player’s attitude. Sometimes the coach. Sometimes the program including training and practices. Sometimes the player’s feelings about the school. Dastrup seemed like a clown and not very serious and coachable. See what happens where he is now. Maybe the ordeal has changed his attitude and he knows he has to be serious and work harder. To think one dimensional about the reasons for players leaving isn’t very intellectually honest.

Well documented by everybody. Wouldn’t you agree that we have had too many players transfer that played much better elsewhere than they did at BYU?

Do I have a sign on my forehead that says, “Please argue with me?”

I never said it was one dimensional as to why players leave the Y. I do think the Head Coach has the main responsibility (80%?), but there are other factors. I also acknowledge that players transfer out of every program, even the Duke’s and Kentucky.

Regarding Dastrup, you mention he seemed like a clown. Is that because he was so excited when he was so excited on the bench when a teammate would hit a 3? I liked the row the boat thing. You always talk about how you deal with facts, yet then you give your opinion that Dastrup didn’t seem very serious or coachable. That’s all fine and you are entitled to your opinion. But we shouldn’t be flaming others for their opinions, like, ahem, some people on this board frequently do.

I’ve heard that BYU has one of the lowest transferring of basketball players. So, I think the coach reason is much lower. Maybe 20%. Not likimg the college is most likely the number one reason.

I love comments like this… as if saying something suddenly makes it true or legitimate. “I’ve heard…” wow, classic.

Yep, that’s what I’ve been saying all along Floyd, that I could do so much better. Would you please, in the 100’s of posts I have made over the years, find one post where I said I could do so much better? Please, just one. I would love to read that post.

Classic nonsense.

Don’t be so sore and cranky about it. You know I love you Floyd, you are one of my favorites around here.

I perceive that the program has issues. Based on my observations and experience I have theorized some of the reasons why. I am sorry that you don’t like what I post but it is only my opinion so relax a little and enjoy life. It is too short not to enjoy some of it.

hahaha, Hopper the Narcist… win every argument at any cost.

You and I would argue to get somewhere or with the mind that if you have better info, I could see it your way…Narcists argue because they truly believe that everyone is not as smart as they are. You are only lucky to get to comment in their world.

I watched the Oregon st game last night only because it was tied in the last minute. Saw Dastrup in the huddle. Having talked to 3 byu coaches and attended 2 practices last year with a talent scout. the best answer I got about Dastrup playing time saw: He has a low motor…and yet I watched him for a total of 3 hours, did everything that he was asked and played with a high motor…watched Dastrup blow open a tight Utah game with his timely 3s and play well in the few games that Rose LET him play in last year.
My summation: Worthington’s family donated a whole lot more $$$ then Dastrup’s did. (me) the truth is Rose did not like Dastrup, even if he had more pinky talent then Worthington’s entire body and so he sat him.

NBA scout evaluates Dastrup this way: Hey, its Roses team so he can play who he wants. Would I sit a better player, no, never…only if he is a detriment to the team. Do I feed Rose names? nope