BYU recruits, Gunther Talmage

This kid lead Lone Peak to the title game with superior passing and elite rushing speed…Think Covey only bigger much stronger.

He will be a preferred walk on (Scholy after the mission which he will take ASA school lets out). This kid is a great get as he can not only play QB but any speed position such as Slot or DB or Safety.

Looks like a football player that could find a spot on the roster. With a 4.6 forty, he’s got the speed to help out somewhere. I heard that Jim Harbaugh not only recruits for athleticism, he also asks high school coaches about their players with exceptional leadership qualities. He invites these type of players to walk on the program. Harbaugh knows the value of strong leadership in the locker room. Those are the Mendenhall kind of guys but if you can get them to walk-on you can save the scholarships for bluechippers that won’t come without a scholarship. It’s just an interesting recruiting philosophy.

Well… it’s too bad he wasn’t able to play against some high level competition so we could have a better idea of his talent and ability.

I have an old friend who helps out with the East HS team. I was talking to him the other day and he told me they were getting their “state championship” rings this week. So… I asked him what happened to their team when they played Corona Centennial on a trip down to SoCal early in the season? He had asked me to come to the game but I had another commitment. Anyhow, he said that East was “missing a couple of players and they could have won had they had them for the game”. I think the final score was 49-13, so yeah, I’m sure East could have won with a couple of missing players… :anguished: Next year they plan on playing De La Salle… the team that beat Corona in the REAL state championship a couple months ago.

I am not speaking directly to Chris or anyone else in particular, including my buddy, but it seems like there might be something in the Utah water that causes HS football fans or any sport fan to become a bit delusional when it comes to how good their teams and players are. Maybe it has something to do with the $200+ rings… I don’t know. Based on the hype for the incoming basketball players, I will be disappointed if BYU doesn’t make a final four run soon.

Likewise, I am excited to see how the new football coaching staff does but I think it would serve us well to temper expectations. Let’s see how things play out.

Preferred walk on as in not using a scholarship as in not getting the press that the others are getting as in would you rather I not post recruiting info about the under the radar guys…as in lighten up, Francis.

Nice response. I don’t have a problem being put in my place, respectfully and with a sense of humor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for not getting all offended and bent out of shape. That’s why I like your posts.

Keep posting stuff about under the radar, over the radar, anything you like, guys. I like all of it.

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Looks like a baller. throws a very accurate deep ball; wonder about arm strength on intermediate stuff. he’s not only a fast runner but also has very good lateral quickness. Film looks a lot like Beau Hoge’s HS film. PS I think Beau Hoge will also be a good player, just trapped behind an All American for 3 years. I wonder if they will move him to safety the way they did Kai Nacua.

Did you see where Detmer got into a little trouble on signing day talking about the walk ons?

The best part when he got cornered with media and was asked again. And Ty said “No Comment” :smile: