BYU report card and just how good are they

I must point out that when Tom L. said that Va defense was a dumpster fire, I thought it was a bit over the top at the time. Then we play them. And I have to agree. BYU had not put up 40 points on anyone and probably won’t score more then 66 this week against lowly ISU. Bronco, who hangs his hat on D should fire his DC and coach the D himself.

Before the season started I looked at what BYU had after Wilson and a ton of talent signed in the NFL (the most BYU has ever signed unless we count the national title run in '84…What I could see was a pretty good team coming back with solid talent at just about every position and a big question on who would fill in for Tonga in the middle. The QB sweepsteaks was the talk of the pre-season and turns out BYU has not one but two very very good QBs.

Allgiere was and is even more so a solid NFL draft. Top 5 RBs to ever play for BYU. I would be very surprised if he were to stick around for his Sr. year.

BYU has 3 receivers that could be drafted. Both Nacua brothers are every bit as good as promoted in the spring. Romney is when he is healthy.

Our Oline looked unstoppable early then crashed back to earth for 4 games, got challenged and dominated the Va game. We can wait til the USC game to see how they grade out. Same with our Dline.

Much has been said, poked, prodded deconstructed analyzed about our Defense. Beating 5 P5s is something we have not done in forever says that we are pretty good on defense. Not a fan of the 3-8 (boring) and would live with it if we could blitz more on 3rd downs. UVA did nothing to tell us about the D, giving up 49 points to the 4th best rated team in the nation. Armstrong was injured and that killed any chance of a comeback. To be blunt, Our defense ranks somewhere around 70 in D1 programs. At this point it has more to do with who we have played and when we played them. Here are some things we know:

1 BYU caught Utah at the right time…Barylor’s transfer was a bust, after losses to BYU and SDSU Witt pulled plug and inserted Fr. QB, Cameron Rising. BYU would be hard pressed to beat Utah with Rising.

2 BSU will be the game we look back on a wish we had a redo. Handed them that one. Plenty of blame to go around.

3 Baylor is the real deal.

4 UVA sucks on defense!!!. Funny thing, they still control the destiny of the ACC, who without Clemson, is as weak as the P12…and yes, BYU should get an invite to the Rose bowl if we beat an uninspired USC team.

5 the ISU and GaSo games should be used to get heathy, get next year’s recruits some playing time and get Romney some playing time just so he does not enter the portal looking for more playing time.

  1. That 4 game gantlet of BSU, Baylor, WStU, Virginia looked daunting before the year, turns out, it was… get used to it, playing in the Big 12 will be every bit as tough.

7 Most of us thought that an 8-4 season would be great and here we sit with a 10-2 season in sight…I am pretty stoked about Sitake and the future.

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Great write up! I would differ about the predictions in here. I remember most were predicting 6-6, 5-7, 7-5. Who predicted 8-4 except me?
The timing issue really is a red herring. All schools go through this as well. If we played Baylor 1st or 2nd game of the season with healthy 1st stringers I say we win. And, if we played BSU now and not in the rain, we win with no fumbles. (ISU plays the rain game). The what if’s don’t matter and should not.
What do you think about this?

Maybe they are dumpster fire because of all the injuries they have… LOL

I would not mind the 3-8 if they actually protected the short field. It seems that too many of the players are always caught outside of zones.

Isn’t Wake Forest in that group? They are in the top 15 right now.

Yes they are and have really shined for the 1st time in ages. I am following…but again, they are playing in a ACC capsule. Having played two cupcakes to start the season and NCU and Clemson on the horizon, I predict 2 losses. Hope I am wrong and they end with a undefeated season and make the playoffs. 001% chance

Stated as only a true narcissist could… :crazy_face:

You missed Neil Pau’u… I actually think he is better than the three you listed but that is just my opinion.

Just can’t let it go. Like a true narcissist :joy:

The young Nacua is better at this point. Hopefully they will stick around a couple of years. Algiers is a Sophomore but people are already talking about him leaving after the season.

You either need to look up the definition (which you might not understand anyway) or stop mimicking what I post. All I did was express a different opinion, which I stated as such. I wasn’t patting myself on the back like you attempted to do. :rofl:

Oh come on! You can express your opinion but unless my opinion aligns with yours or others in here, then I’m the narcissist. I don’t make anyone agree with me. But, if I don’t agree with you I’m the narcissist. See the hypocrisy :sunglasses:

Pau’u is good, but I think Puka Nacua is better all around.

Romney is better than both of them stat wise, but he simply can’t stay healthy long enough to prove that he is better.

I think Pau’u is in the same type of boat with dealing with injuries, and to be honest i am not he is utilized correctly by the coaches.

that is my opinions.

but you will argue every point until heck freezes over without ever admitting that you could be mistaken or even wrong on your opinion.

You are able to disagree and give your opinions. Just what I do. Does this mean you are a narcissist to? Nope. Just someone with different opinions.
My opinion is the same as yours.

Actually that has nothing to do with the “N” word you keep referring to all the time. It has become an obsession with you to the point that it is almost unbelievable. Reminding everyone that you predicted a great record for BYU at this point in the season is an example of it. Nobody is keeping you from expressing your opinion and nobody cares that for the most part it is usually off target and far fetched, mostly for argument’s sake, not because you really believe what you are posting…

Yes. Big mistake on my part. Neil is the real deal

Jim, I went back and looked at our early predictions, SPEELED OUT because, you know how narcissists gas light everyone and everything.

The tread is called 2021 Football Season Predictions, started by BYUCampass on May 16th, revisited on July 28th. Every Single person that posted said BYU would be 8-4 except Arkiecoug 7-5 and hopper 11-1.

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And, who is possibly closest? :sunglasses: