BYU Rugby needs to be mainstreamed

Except for the occasional U-tube coverage, I am very irritated that there is no coverage for BYU Rugby. BYU TV almost never carries a match, there is no coverage in the paper, Nothing on the radio or local sports. You have the best team in the country and not a word. Why does not BYU TV carry any matches? I know it is just a club team but this is just plain rediculous. These guys are a power house and there is nothing! Let me share a thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love football.

With the cost of football and associated injuries, football is on the downslide. We have already seen schools drop football. That is going to continue. Schools are going to look for ways to save money. Football is the biggest sports cost to schools. I would think that most of the schools who play football don’t make the money to justify it. You will continue to see football dropped or replaced and what will they replace it with?, Rugby You are going to see a complete reversal over time. Rugby will be main stream and football will be the club team, kind of a feeder system for the pro leagues. Even the TV contracts will not be able to save hundreds of teams from deleations in college football. There may still be a couple of mega conferences but that will be it.

Jeff: I live in Texas and football is the number one or the number two religion in the Lone Star Republic, I mean state.
You have some points about the decline of football, but not in our life times. I agree with you that BYUtv covering Rugy would be fun. I am not sure, but maybe there are some eligibility regulations about club sports that prevent BYUtv from covering Rugby and perhaps ice hockey. I remember maybe one or two BYU ice hockey games being presented on BYUtv a few years ago and now they don’t do it any more.