BYU signing day

Looks like we are about to sign a boatload of DBs and speed

BYU Football Recruiting: Final 2022 Hot Board (

Hopefully they are able to learn how to play a zone and bend but don’t break defense. That is all they will be taught.

How can you say that Jim? I mean Kalani has said that Tui is the most underrated defensive coordinator EVER!

How can you say our defense is not the best ?

thee beeeeest! Nachooooooo

You have forgotten already. The early part of the season we were not playing the 3-8 defense when we were healthy.

Yeah, sure… so that means that there is no reason to be playing it this season, what with all the speed and DB recruits BYU is bringing in. I’m sure it is intentional, so there are plenty of backups to put in when the team isn’t “healthy” again… no excuses right?

That’s the plan! Sitaki has been explaining it to you that the plan is to get deep… Big 12 is coming…

Here is the latest on recruits…
It’s Signing Day (again): Here’s what to expect from BYU beginning Wednesday |

Here is a list of the recruits…
BYU Cougars football: 2022 recruiting class (+live updates, video) - Deseret News

Have to love a guy whose name is “Zoom”, not sure if he will do much on the field, but I love the name anyways.

But looks like they are trying to move in the right direction, but then again when it comes defense, coaching is the weak link. :open_mouth:

Maybe if the tools to work with are much better, the coaches can do more…