BYU SM in game comments

Looking like conspiracy theory getting some legs after the last couple of minutes.
especially Robinson very clean and obvious block and no call on SM double dribble.

Meh…No legs. The reason is simple. Weak defense, no intensity, missed layups, weave offense doing nothing, George is missing in action, Waterman is the traveling man and where’s Johnson???

Yeah they look bad - back to the inconsistency thing. 20 points in a half says it all. Is that the lowest all season? Got to be.

BYU needs to come out with intensity and leave it all out on the floor.

30% shooting
1-7 3 point shooting
Being out rebounded
7 turnovers

Nice come back. But awful - maybe worst first half in many years - first half made it really impossible to win.
It did expose some major weaknesses of SM. Any NCAA opponent will be drooling.

In the end, front end of one and one FTs may have cost us the game as well. However, we came out completely flat. When we started getting down, Pope should have gone to a press sooner just to get us more motivated and energized. Maybe we wouldn’t have gotten 26 points down.

Yep. And not played Waterman so many minutes. NOT blaming him for loss, but it sure didn’t help having him in. Rudy W tried too hard this time. Oh well. And game did not support the conspiracy.

Had Hall a little more experience on where he should be in the press, BYU would have 2 more TOs and a chance to tie.

I would make sure Waterman’s schoolie was open before July 1st, when we are officially B12 and schoolies become 4 year guarantees. 6’11 guys that are just happy to be here have no place in the big 12

Agreed. Last night game was depressing! And believe it or not two top seeds playing each other tonight, whatever! Goodbye, WCC and those zebra refs! And never ever come back to high school gyms!!!

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I think the gyms were a more of a problem than the refs.