BYU stars in the NFL

Lol I think it’s called a red herring-but don’t let me mess up your red hearing

There are dinosaur tracks in St George that are 130 million years old. Where do they fit into the Genesis model?

Holy War aside, there are some great players who never beat Utah or garnered any All Conference awards. Independence sucks. Can we go back?

They aren’t 130 million years old. You should understand the models used for the carbon dating. It’s based on the ideology of an old earth or universe. But, the rock formations don’t fit an old earth. Read up on it. Be objective and study both sides of the issue.

Science isn’t perfect but it’s all we have. Any pushback by a sponsoring institution isn’t going to sit well with the academic community. This will keep BYU out of the Pac12, Ivy League or ACC as unfair as this seems. Big 12 seems like the best fit with TCU and SMU.

I wasn’t attacking science. The problem isn’t with gathering information. The problem is within the interpretation of the information.

Uhh, it has been presented at BYU over and over. And yes, they are bishops and Stake Presidents.

They also present it not as fact but as a theory. Some of you older gentlemen may remember the Prophet who was asked about the “primitive man” bones that said “they were not of our fold.”

We now know that some of the old bones said to be human were fraudulently constructed. And there are many other problems with the bones found in the wrong rocks as well as faulty carbon dating.


"I believe as an out -of stater that I could care less about the so-called “holy war.”

Very Sadly, and wishing it to be different, but it isn’t, I totally agree with your post.

What use to be between Utah Utes and BYU Cougars, no longer exist. It is now only a fantasy. Utah paid the price, and they got the gold ring from the carousel. They are now off to the races, and I doubt if we can ever catch up with them.

We insisted on being frugal and pay for coaches willing to work on the job training for less money where as Utah went after the best coaches they could get.

They made it (earned it) to the Pac 12 where their financial rewards are triple ours. In the business of college football we can no longer compete financially with Utah.

We are now looking at two true rivals. One of them, we can each take pride in, (Boise State), perhaps the best consistently of the G5 teams, and the other, I can not, and I never will, take pride in, (Utah State). Until the last few years, they have been little brother
(want-a-bees). Now they often beat us. To me this is shameful and unacceptable.

It seems like all of our own foes are improving while we are back sliding away.

Yes, I Know, Utah State is a good G5 team now. Yes, I know, they got better. We stood steal, doing what use to work but no longer
works in this decade. We remained frugal. As Fans, we have lost our pride in our Church team. We have lost our way. Where is our leadership that could turn this around, but don’t? Why? If they want our sports program to die, just shoot us. Why make us suffer a slow painful death?

Could it be possible that true religion and true science could be one in the same and work together to prove it instead of fighting each other to prove that only one side is right and the other side is wrong.

Isn’t God, at least in part, God because he has all knowledge?

Didn’t he create the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th? Couldn’t it be that those 6 days in Gods time, could be millions of years in our time. isn’t there 3 hours difference between California and New York?

Couldn’t it be that God, with all of his knowledge, created Adam and Eve by following natural scientific laws, which God knows very well?

When we pray to God, too many of us have received answers that we know absolutely there is indeed a God. Many or at least some of us, have received miracles directly from God and therefore the evidence is before us that God is undeniable.

By the same token, Science has some undeniable evidence that an evolutionary process did occur.

Why is it so hard to accept that while we do not have the knowledge that God has, and that we do not understand the details of how he works, we can accept the possibility that God did create Adam and Eve by following or perhaps by creating natural scientific laws, including, but not limited to evolution, in the eventual creation of Adam and Eve.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that this is what happened. I am saying that an open mind, may see possibilities that God does follow or make natural scientific laws to do that which he does create.

I agree with what you said, but fear that it is not what you meant.

It’s exactly what I meant. Interpretation is almost exclusively done by a person or groups ideological beliefs. Man-made climate nuts come from the belief in socialism and that man is destructive and has to be eliminated.


These so called climate nuts are the most prestiges scientist throughout the industrial world. Only the weakest of minds would believe that this has anything to do with socialism.

There are many different kinds of fanaticism.

There religious fanatics.

There are racial fanatics like the white supremest groups, skin heads, American Nazi Party, the KKK to name a few.

There are also political party fanatics like the top 1% of the wealthiest in this country,to retain their tax breaks,
and the most ignorant of the non college students, that would defend to the death any wrong thing their party member would do.

Some use Socialism to describe anything that goes against their own prejudice fanaticism.

None of this of course would describe you, as you are among the most perfect and intelligent human beings on earth .

HAHAHA!!! Prestiges phonies!!! They do it for the grant money. Pure and simple


Not all of us are as well educated as you are. Perhaps the PhD’s of all the scientist in the major parts of the world did not receive their degrees in Universities as highly accredited as the University that you received yours. Perhaps you should go on a lecture tour and challenge these scientist and make them prove to you the evidence that they have collected. Perhaps you may want to show all of the scientific evidence which you have gathered to prove them all wrong.

Blue in Provo,
I am almost certain that I am misunderstanding your post,
Are you telling us that SMU is now in the Big 12? I really don’t think that SMU has made it beyond the G5 status yet. If so, this would be even a greater blow to BYU. Did you mean to say
TCU and Baylor?

Please praytell, how is it that scientist want to elimate man, and where did you dream up this nightmare fantasy?

Our Church leadership needs to decide if BYU sports really serves the mission of saving souls. If it does, then commit whatever resources are necessary to function at the highest level.

If not, then let the world see where our priorities are.
Think of the impact of telling the world that sports aren’t that important in the eternal scheme. What would Christ do?

Real scientists actually do tour and thrash their theories that have no proof. The very fact the shorelines are supposed to be underwater now according to the scientists Al Gore got his dumb information from. Now, people believe a truly ignorant politician, AOC. The sky is falling!!! No, the science by climate change nuts is false. Look it up.

Huh? Can you explain what your point is? You kind of went all over the place.