BYU, This ain't Kansas anymore

BYU beats Kansas, hahaha, dream on.
Kansas big men, MicKormick and 7 footber Azubuike will make certain that BYU big men are in foul trouble early and often. UCLA had 13 offensive boards, Kansas will get more…and they will have guards driving and getting fouls, something UCLA failed to do. game over.

Problems for BYU are Dotson, 6’2 guard that averages 18, Bacello guards him or Garrett, their point and at 6’5, if Haws is guarding him, BYU is in trouble.

And Kansas big men. Kansas is way more athletic inside, no answer. and if our guards can’t keep theirs from driving, BYU is toast.

Kansas bench vs ours, Kansas

BYU is a 10 point underdog, EPSN has us a very respectable 33% chance and who knows, If BYU can shoot as well as they did last night, they could win but will Self let us and will Self sit back or attack.

I think fatigue will be a problem with BYU. Kansas got to relax in the second half. We didn’t. But, that’s okay. I can smile more at our family get togethers with my Brothers UCLA all-in family :slight_smile:
Helpside defense and double teams will be needed again like last night. We will have to go deeper into our bench. And shoot lights out again.