BYU / Toledo 9/30/2016

Wow, opening drive is about an 80 yard bomb. Nice throw, and yet Taysom can only complete one more pass since. 21-21 so far. The offense needs to pick it up, and the defense needs to do the same.

BYU used to put a beat down on teams like Toledo. In reality I think Toledo has outplayed BYU so far. The Cougars are lucky to be tied at halftime.

Kind of a strange situation in Provo right now.

Yep, I feel the same way right now. I about lost interest after that 2nd qtr and the opening of the 3rd. Offense scores on two plays. Wow!

Well, the offense is looking much better in the 2nd half so far. Defense looks about the same. This is going to be a shoot out from the looks of it.

I’m sorry, but Jamal Williams is a beast. In his freshman year I remember saying that they needed to give the guy the ball at least 20-25 times a game. It took the coaches a while to get to that point and he still doesn’t have that many carries yet this game…

But wow… he is fantastic.

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I think he got 100 yards just on two rushes in the 3rd quarter so far. 209 yards already.

As great as Jamal has been… the defense has been that bad. Why can’t they stop Toledo? and another thing… I can understand the targeting call and I am fine with this one but why does the player need to leave the stadium? That’s dumb.

And there goes Toledo again. The defense couldn’t stop a high school team right now.

Toledo QB hasn’t thrown an in-completion yet in the 2nd half. Defense needs to stiffen.

Well, hopefully, Toledo gets winded in the 4th and their offense slows down. It appears our offense is now moving against them. Are we going to see both scores above 50?

I agree on the targeting. Unlike those wimpy ones called in the Utah game.

We need to score on every possession all the way through to the end. Our D’s need to stop them.

I don’t have Gavenman to debate with tonight so this is the next best thing. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately and it’s a good thing) we aren’t arguing about anything. Actually when Gavenman and I watch a game we agree on most of what we see. For some reason the internet turns him into Dr. Jekyll and he goes insane! :smile:

Well, now that I’m in SoCal (SD area) too, we should all get together some time and watch a game. :slight_smile:

Looks like both defenses have thrown in the towel. Last to score will win.

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Well, I hope that holding penalty doesn’t cost them the game. They just lost four points. Dang! Stiffen D!

INT! Very nice. Defense finally delivers this half.

WIlliams! School rushing record! I believe he also tied the highest TD’s rushing in a game tonight too.

he broke it!

I know he broke the game yardage, but I thought they said that 5 TD’s was the school rushing record.
They just said he tied Luke Staley with 5 TDs.

I think the defense is tying some kind of record for ineptitude…

They gave up 52 to San Diego State back in 1992