BYU topples Gonzaga

Any predictions? Without Nixon and Baxter looking lost, can we stop the offensive rebounds of GU? Can we stop them from scoring inside and outside? Can we score inside and move the ball to get open 3’s?
If we can shoot 50% from 3’s and make 15 3’s, we have a shot. We must also make a high percentage of free throws. Yolie must stay out of foul trouble too.

BYU topples Zags
not from behind the arc but did shoot 50%.
Three more games.
Hopefully neutral game in Vegas for the marbles and seed.

How about that for prophecy :wink:
40.7 from 3’s is good. 53% shooting was great… now, we have to not lose to Pepperdine…

Best defensive effort I have seen from BYU in years. That was the key to this upset win. Players buying into Coach Pope’s defensive mindset. Congratulations to the cougars -a well deserved win and the Zags are glad to get out of Provo and BYU locks up second place and a spot in the NCAA tournament

Haws was all over the place knocking balls loose and frustrating GU and coach Few.
The crowd was big when the score got tight.

Great win and the whole team did what they had to do. Kolby Lee was fantastic tonight including his shooting night. Now back to the referees of what they were doing were ridiculous calls against BYU.

Lee had a 226 rated night, Seljaas rated out at 156, both rated higher then the 130 that Childs and Toolson rated

But I would argue that TJ was the key in the first half with his 2 charges, strip of a easy dunk and then that impressive 2nd half barrage of midrange 2s and timely 3s…yes, there were a lot of heroes in this win.

Breaking news from KSL today about one fan With a coronavirus at this BYU s Gonzaga game at the Marriott Center. He has been quarantine since Friday at his home in Davis County. He got this on a cruise ship in California. now how many people may be affected of this virus? I feel bad for this one guy and how many more are out there from that game. Is it a good idea to not allow any fans going to the NCAA tournaments? We shall see

Lee is out sick. No, fans will go to the games.

Yoeli stayed out of the basket and needed some glue on his hands vs. St. Mary’s tonight in Vegas.