Byu two little too late in the Utah game

Sure we got down early but you’re gonna live and die by the three if your Byu and tonight we died by it

Well, I hope the waterman had gotten past the big game Mental block, but Looks like he got bit again.

It was a good comeback. Just not good enough.

If Waterman and Knell make just 2 of 10 3’s (instead of 0 for 10) and the Cougs win. We knew a game like this was coming; just hate it coming to the Utes. But oh well…here’s to the rest of the season. It’s going to be fun especially when Fouse and Baker get well and Adams is allowed to play.


You wonder why I get on you guys. I started a thread and had written the following:

Should never have lost this game. Five things that popped out to me:

  1. Live by the 3 and die by the 3. Happened tonight. 7-30 will not do it.
  2. Free throw shooting 10-18 and missed freethrows down the stretch. Several one and ones.
  3. We got into foul trouble. We went to the 2-3 zone and shut them down and got defensive rebounds. Then, with about 4 or 5 minutes to play we went back to man where they killed us in the first half. They hurt us again getting put back shots when Kalifa had to help. Went away from what was working.
  4. With 10 seconds left and the ball, down by 2 points, we let Hall be the hero and he turned it over. Why not pass it to an open shooter and have a chance to win instead of forcing a shot. We had a lot of hero one on one ball tonight. And a lot of missed 2 point shots too going down the stretch.
  5. Missed Fousse a lot!

So many opportunities to win. So many ways to have won and it’s a loss. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call that even teams not as good as you can win if we don’t play our game.

It’s a tough way to lose. Free throws, poor all around shooting and it just 3s. There was that long stretch where we went to the 2-3 zone and they went dry for about 7 or 8 minutes and we couldn’t make short shots either. And the end of the game. Didn’t get a shot off.

So, that first half also told us something. We still have trouble at the start of games. Especially at other gyms than our own. The mental challenge of our athletes in big games is strange. Preparation. And I know Pope is a motivating coach. But having to make up a 16 point deficit is really hard in a game like this with Utah.

Yep. All those things. Not sure why Hall is the go-to last-shot guy. Yes, he’s made shots at the end, but seems he’s the exclusive go-to guy. I think better odds with Jaxson and Johnson. They may be wondering too.

I’m sure Utah was ready as well. Typical BYU questionable play calling from start to finish. Why take the zone off when Utah wasn’t coming up with a to combat it? And, they should have put Stewart all over Erickson. Didn’t even get a shot off.

I didn’t (couldn’t thanks to the PacTWO Network) watch. Just commenting based on some observations from the gamecast and box score:

  1. I don’t trust Kness to make an impact vs the good teams (4/15 vs NC State, SDSU and Utah, and 1/8 in the two games when we needed him). Two guys watching (not on this board) texted me at different times during the game saying “Oh my, Knell is awful.” He’s the prototypical 6’4" vertically challenged 3 point shooter BYU has been getting for decades. Give me more Richie Saunders and Jaxson Robinson, two FAR SUPERIOR athletes. But I know Pope absolutely loves Knell.
  2. Waterman certainly wasn’t read for prime time.
  3. Great to see a big comeback.
  4. This loss won’t hurt us when it comes to the Dance. We will make it or miss it based on what we do in conference. This one just hurts extra cuz it’s the hated rival.
  5. Obviously we win this game if Fouss is healthy. Remember that. We are playing with Khalifa, who is great on offense (wish I could have watched those 6 assists–I bet some were some DIMES) but can’t switch on D and really limits what we can do on that end, and Atiki, who can’t guard anyone good without fouling.
  6. Richie Saunders. I hope everyone realizes how athletic this kid is. Yes he was WIDE OPEN on the last possession. Inexcusable to not get off a shot in 8 seconds, but I’m OK with Dallin trying to drive deep and pass to a guy crashing the lane for the tie or kick wide to Richie for the W. Dallin just lost control and lost the handle. Tough lesson to learn but hey, shi$ happens. Dallin is the PG and knows this as much as anyone.
  7. On to the next one.
  8. Still no news on Marcus Adams. The NCAA is doing what I predicted: delaying any decision long enough to punish Marcus and BYU, even if the waiver is eventually granted. At this point, no matter what happens, Marcus and BYU both lose and the lying, cheating, terrible NCAA wins. Remember, “not counting” the signing with Kansas makes Self look bad, and do we really think the NCAA–located in Kansas–is going to help BYU at the expense of making Self look bad? Come on.

BYU still in the top 20 at #18

HAll is raw, Growing pains, we’re gonna lose some until he figures it out. Pure and Simple.

This is our Achilles, Lacking a true big man. Tiki is a big liability. Khalifa is an amazing passer but that bum knee is a liability. But hey, I’m gonna enjoy this ride.

Just when I thought, Waterman had overcome his big game challenge, poof, we are not quite there yet. Dang it son, you got a quit thinking.

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