BYU UCLA Game 9/19

Tough game so far. Cougars are looking good, but I feel it could get out of hand at any moment.

What the heck with the two time outs in the 3rd quarter???

Players couldn’t get off the field in time, saved us 2 penalties, they settled for a FG.

Coaching staff needs to remember they can’t sub against a no huddle offense

Ok, that makes sense.

Just marching down the field chewing up time.

Dang! Well, it was a great game, and BYU nearly pulled off another win.

2 & 1 better than 0 & 3
Michigan is next

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Yeah that pretty obvious


We can still get into a P4 playoff with our schedule.
I have high hopes.
We have already played the toughest teams and beat two of them and the third one we only lost by 1 point.

We must stay focused. No time off for rest and recuperation until after the bowl game is over.
No more family outings until after the bowl game is over.

Give the back ups practice time if some of the starters need a break but the practice time must continue.

The coaches must be able to endure without a break until the bowl game is over.

A memorable season is within our reach if we don’t blow it. It takes total effort from the players and from each coach. Just do it.