BYU vs AAMU...good start to the game

Team’s looking good–I am liking Harding.

And then he shoots an airball…

Haws is actually looking very good today.

What we learned in the AAMU game

AAMU is really bad, so bad that only one of their starters got to 11 points, that Worthington almost got into double digits. That Haws can be all world when he is up against other skinny dudes. Cannon has left the building.

Now the good stuff, Seljaas is BACK, 5-8 from 3land.
Harding is TOO GOOD to let upper classmen eat his minutes. He needs starter minutes.
Haws is finally running the team like Rose envisioned he would when he recruited him.
Bergerson should be playing ahead of Cannon, he is longer, why more athletic and can alter shots. Oh, and can dunk.

Emery should sit and only be let on the floor in mop up for what he did to the program.

There is a reason they are 0-4. We will see how they fare against Rice and Houston. I watched Gonzaga against Texas A&M. Another good Zag team

But we were playing this really bad AAM team and good for Luke Worthington but his stats wasn’t productive first 4 games. So when we play Houston coming Saturday he will more not likely not be productive. I don’t have to understand Dave Rose of Luke playing style (no stat numbers).

I wasn’t paying attenction on this AAM game which was a boring game. But where was Baxter?

I think he had a concussion from the game before and they didn’t need him so he took the night off.

Worthington had some arrogant, misinformed comments after the game which leads me to believe that all is normal in cougarland. Once again we have a team full of players who are not as good as they all think and show very little humility and respect for their opponent.

I dislike very much the culture that has been created in our athletic program. Not real proud to be a BYU fan right now…