BYU vs Arizona coming soon

The first game of the season is a month away and not much is being said.
BYU is favored to win ( 84% ) according to the ESPN’s Football Power Index on their Daily Line.
Any thoughts? Is it closer than that?

Well I am excited to see BYU open the season. I find it interesting how the news media in Utah dives into the local football and basketball programs and usually brings up the strong points of the team and then depending on the obviously weak areas they prop up the coaching staff. Ex: BYU defense coordinator issues. I believe the starting QB position is not a competition at all. Hall has it in the bag. He will start and go as long as he can before a concussion sidelines him again. Hopefully he is lots more durable than he has been in the past. But if he is healthy and can stay so, out offense will be capable of winning almost every game. The defense is always the issue under Sitake. It is a huge question mark. Stopping the run is the biggest issue. Can they do it with their philosophy and the apparent lack of football IQ in our DC. The next issue will be pass rush. We don’t have a history over the last 5 years of getting good pressure. We do have a few athletes who might be able to put pressure on. They have the athletic ability if not hampered by our DC’s poor schemes. Only game time will tell.

Hi BYUcanpass

According to CBS BYU Power ranking is 63 while Arizona’s is 102 . The difference is 39.
If any home-field advantage is given, the game being played in Las Vegas should
go to BYU.

If we do not go into the game over-confident, I believe that this game should be our first win.
I predict a score of 28-3.

I agree with your assessment, but BYU is eager to play and I believe the scores will be higher. I see a final score of 35-10 with the Cougars first win.

That’s what I think as well.

great post, I look at who is coming back and will throw this out there:
BYU has 2 QBs that have won games and know the Sitake game plan. We are light years ahead of Arizona, who had a 4th year QB senior transfer out (to Utah).

We have proven running backs, possibly NFL talent

Probably the more NFL talent at receiver then I can ever remember

A good bunch of DBs.

Best kickers in america, NFL lock talent

Questions for me: Our lines on both sides. I do think that our Oline will be sound, they still have the Grimes influence. Our D line is the biggest question and I do see loses happening if we can’t stop the run.

8-4 is a great goal for this P5 laden schedule.

10-2 is a better goal to shoot for…Never shoot short…


I want 12-0 and nothing less, however, my brain-exercising fact finding tells me that at best, and very possible is 8-4 and not less than 7-5.

Go Cougs.


I like to think positive that if we do go 12-0. 2020 season we were undefeated before facing CC the Power committee ranked BYU Somewhere13 but both coaches and AP Polls had BYU and Cincinnati in the top 10. And now we know why independent schools and G5 will never compete in the championship games and same with the expansion of 12 teams in the playoff.

So my prediction will be above 50% go cougars!!!
Maybe I better clarify we should be better than 6–6 but I prefer we go 12-0

When do you think we’ll get over the Utah hump?

Will anyone on this site be in Las Vegas for the September 4th game vs Arizona? If so, it would be nice go see and meet some of the Cougar Fan Posters. If interested, come by Section 123, right in the middle of the goal post, Row 6, seats 17,18,19, and 20. I would like to meet some of you. Ron


I read all of your postings. I enjoy them. I believe that we agree more than we disagree on most issues.
I would like to comment on one of your postings regarding becoming or not becoming a P5 team.

I think that what Homoe is doing, is getting us to the point that we are scheduling like a P5 team schedules. We are winning P5 teams as much as the majority of other P5 teams win those same P5 teams.

Once we are playing 9 P5 teams each and every season, and keep having a winning season, we will not need to be invited to be a P5 team. We will have earned that title on the field and nobody will deny it.

ND as an Independent was not in a P5 conference, but everyone accepted them as a P5 team, because they earned that respect. We are now earning that same respect. We only need two more P5 teams, and have no more Idaho States and the like.

Even P5 teams play patsies too. So, it’s okay to play a couple of them…

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BYU will be invited into the Big 12 in a matter of months, mark it down


The difference is this: If you are already a respected and valuable team in a P5 conference, there is much that you can get away with that an Indendant “Want a be” can not get away with.

We have to “Over Kill” as that “want a bee.” Those that already are in the club, need not be so persistent in their goodness.


I do not disagree, but I would be much happier in the Pac 8/10/12/14/16.

I represent, (not), a ticket agency of many years ago. The day after the Titanic went down, I couldn’t sell
any tickets for their next scheduled voyage. Does any good team want to be invited into the
Big 12 that now, is not as well off as the Big East when they failed.

The question is perception. Is BYU a P5 School? In its mind, yes it is. In the mind of P5 schools for scheduling purposes, yes it is. In the minds of P5 schools for sharing the wealth, no it’s not. The greater perception is that BYU is not a P5 School. In order to have P5 status, BYU must join a P5 conference.

well said.I think what the hold up is, the Big 12 wants to invite 4 total. BYU is ready but the other 3 (Cinn, Houston and a Florida team) have 27 month buy outs or forfeit 10M. The invites could come but the timing is tricky…of course everyone is waiting to see when OU and Tx bolt