BYU vs Bakersfield

Bakersfield went dancing last year for their first time. They had 3 Seniors and 2 Juniors starting. With their quickness and pressure BYU made a lot of mistakes. The 2 areas that made it closer than it should have been was turnovers and not boxing out getting beat on the offensive board. Rose wanted to know how the team would do against extreme pressure. I would say, not ready.

How is this season any different than the previous ones in the wcc? It is really hard to get a feel for where this team is going to be at the end of conference play. I just don’t know. It doesn’t seem like they are totally ready to start the league schedule next week. It’s too bad they have waited for Kaufusi… Dastrup needs some pom poms now because he spends more time cheerleading than playing and Shaw hasn’t played enough to gain any confidence. If Mika gets into foul trouble in any games going forward BYU is in trouble. Also, I guess Bryant is going to start working out this week so maybe he will be ready mid January. Hopefully some team chemistry begins to show itself soon.

Just an FYI here, San Francisco beat Utah and Santa Clara, a lower tier wcc team with a losing record, beat Valparaiso on the road. As it stands right now, I will be happy with a 3rd place finish in the wcc. It is a given that the wcc won’t let Gonzaga lose any conference games to lower tier teams but BYU won’t get the same favoritism, so it won’t surprise if they lose a game or two to a LMU, USF or some other team than GU or SMC.

It will be interesting to see how the league schedule plays out.

Ya I don’t see that we aren’t playing as a team. We got shots off and we’re getting good shots even with turnovers in the first half. The difference in the time period CSB came back their best shooter just went off even with good defense. Yet, we still won against an experienced team.
Also, Mika was back missing FTs. We shot 63% on 33 FTs. Not good enough.
Our block out was poor. They out rebounded us on the offensive boards. But, they crashed the boards and were aggressive on defense. Good test for the likes of SF and others.
No reason to use conspiracy this year. GU is the real deal. SM is good too. We just have to be like we have been the past 2 games minus fouls on Mika.

Yeah, you are right (hope that feels good because I don’t say it very often). There is no reason for Gonzaga to need any help this year, just like you said. Unfortunately, there are some other wcc teams besides GU and SMC that are playing well. I’m not sure BYU is one of them yet…

It is going to take more than BYU has been the past 2 games. They need to be Colorado good if they want to get that 3rd place finish again this season…

you are one funny dude. :grinning:

Quick hits…
Mika’s foul troubles allowed CSB to really get at the boards.
ManChilds got everything on his side of the court
Haws is a video game out there with his ball handling.
Rose is the unselfish glue for this team. 8 ASTs
Besides BSU’s Durham going “video game” mode for 22, Emery showed his version, 23 points with 1/2 the shots
27% shooting says BYU played excellent D in the first half.
Beo continues to show excellent all around game…Leifson, limited skill set.
Without Davis, Kaufusi will be needed inside as will Bryant at point
Whacky game but we are at home and there is a lot of sugar in their blood stream this time of year. I actually loved the “run and gun”, it was if so you think you can out run and chuck BYU???

Or 1st place :slight_smile:

But like football, there are two halves to every game. We have to close out teams. Have that killer instinct. That I don’t see yet.
Both Haws and Emery are finding their game. Mika know his but has to refrain from silly fouls. Childs too.
If we are playing man defense, finding their man and blocking out isn’t that hard. But we had difficulty last night. Guards have to realize they need to block out too. 18 offensive boards by CSB is rediculous. Giving up 44 points to them felt a bit like UVU. And, most teams in the WCC shoot a lot of 3’s. It’s the only way to beat better teams like BYU. And SF is the real deal too.

Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt his game if he tried to refrain from dropping F-bombs too. I understand that the LP3 are very competitive and I love that, but they have all shown signs of immaturity and that could prove to be a big problem moving forward.

Hopefully this won’t be an issue. It creates problems for the team, just ask Coach K and that Allen dude from Duke.

as in Grayson? That dude has serious mental issues.Suspended indefinitely

I saw the Mika Fbomb goes with the coaches Fbomb. from last year. Good thing I’m not out there.

I remember I was doing my practicum teaching in a tennis class at BYU. One of Elder Packer’s daughters and Elder Oak’s wife were in that class. One day, there was a member of BYU’s tennis team practicing in his own. He was getting upset at himself and started shouting out “F” bombs. So, I walked over to his court and looked at him. He shouted at me “what?” I asked if him if he was okay. He told me to stuff it. So, I went up to him and said he needs to play at the U of U if he’s going to behave like that. He apologized. I asked him if he would like to apologize to Mrs. Oaks too. No reason to put up with that. Call him out and move on. Mika’s a good kid trying hard to win ball games.