BYU vs. Cinncy, for the WIN

1- OK, does anyone believe that BYU could go all half without gaining 38 yds and be in the lead? Me either, but Fact can be better than fiction.

2- and in 20 seconds-3 passes latter, BYU scores and sits on a 14-10 lead at the half. lightning in a bottle. Buddy at my house says, “Slovis is not very good”. I say, “You’re an idiot, Slovis is THE reason why BYU is winning ANY games”. he will get an NFL contract, mark it down.

3- at this point, just forget the run game and let Slovis pass, because we can’t run block.

4- BYU went 3 and out every possession that we tried to run it. In the 2nd half, with Slovis murdering Cinncy with big pass plays, the run game finally got going with Martin having a great night of 66 yds. and 2 TDs.

5- BYU’s Oline is broke, don’t even think about wasting running plays on downs but it sure was good seeing Miles Davis get some licks at RB.

6- Marcus McKenzie will be the 1st player to ever be drafted by the NFL just on special teams play alone. Roberts WILL be drafted, did anyone see him run away from 3 Cinncy DBs after the catch. 131 on 6 catches and one TD, not a bad day.

7- Max Tooley, 16 solo tackles, you could say he compensated for the lack of his wingman, Bywater.

8- If I see one more QB draw play, seriously; we let them KILL us over and over in the 1st half but to let that happen in the 2nd half is a SIN. QB Emory Jones had 14 carries and 94 yards, all on QB sneaks, COME ON, MAN!!

9- how about Ryan Rehkow’s 6 punts-average 51 yards, let that sink in.

10- If you told me that Rex would get only 1 catch tonight for 14 yards and still win, I would say, “No Way” but there you have it.

11- And…drum roll…BYU gets its first Big 12 win ever, sits at 4-1 (how’s my prediction of making it to a bowl game looking now) and…bigger drum roll…Utah goes into Corvallis and gets chewed up by Beavers, the end.

PS. With a Bye week to heal up on and hopefully learn how to Run Block (just kidding), BYU is ranked about 40 slots higher than when the season started. The week before we played Kansas, BYU was ranked 3rd in the Big 12, I was uncomfortable with us being so high, 5 or 6 feels about right, but you gotta admit, most of you out there thought BYU would struggle to win in it’s Big 12 inaugural year. I like this team a lot despite the poor Oline coaching, Hill gets a b+ on his defenses. I see 3 more wins coming our way and that is not a bad Big 12 year at all.

`12- Forgot to credit Robinson for that sick interception and score early in the game, to be fair, Robinson was supposed to be in man coverage, did not follow his man and Cinncy’s QB correctly read that BYU was in man coverage, threw the ball, right into Robinson’s hands

13- BYU has to solve the run game and time of possession problem, we can’t continue to win games when the other team has the ball for 35 or 40 minutes to our 25. exhibit: Kansas final drive of the game and again tonight vs. Cincy. They ran 84 plays to BYU’s 53, now does that translate into wins moving forward??

14- Cincy has a BIG problem in red zone conversions (I talked about it before the game). How’d they do tonight? still can’t get the job done. BYU on the other hand has an over 95% red zone conversion rate, one of the best in the country.

We had one game with bad turnovers that cost us the game. Slovis has to figure out how to start games and halves better. His early passes were truly ugly. Two games in a row. We easily could be sitting at 5-1, so I’ll go with 4 more wins.