BYU vs. Evansville

Some fan from Evansville said, “BYU better not overlook Evansville, they are undefeated and could beat BYU”.

I had to look up where Evansville was at. Granted, they in Indiana so they will have BBall talent but that is where it ends.

BYU is a 23.6 point favorite and been averaging Over in Vegas Over/Under rating. Will there be a letdown when Utah is our following game?

As an example, Hill from Fresno was their star, averaging 15 ppg and 6 assists- BYU held Hill under his averages in every category. These g5 teams usually have one or two big stars with a bunch of utility players.

Evansville stars are Sr.6’9 Humrichous 15 ppg and Jr. 6’7 Cuff 3.7 apg. they are a veteran team but their big scorer in their last game was Bailey (27pts) a true freshman. BYU is keying on stopping their best players

So, do you think BYU is going to have a let down before the Utah game? And will #267 ranked Evansville pose a threat. BYU has played 3 cupcakes so far this season
Houston Christian, 110-63
So Louisiana 105-48
Morgan St 93-50

Vegas has BYU 87-63
I will go OVER on this one.

Where the late great Jerry Sloan played and coached at.

My reason for the OVER is BYU has out performed every single rating in every single game of this 7 game run

Last night commentators mentioned that they doubted that BYU would hit the 95 like they did in the NCS game and at 38 at the half BYU would have to hit 57 points in the second half. I might add that at the half in the NCS game, BYU had the identical pts-38…last night. in the second half, BYU pulled off the same monster run and ended up with 47 points. A lot of these runs happen after the bench comes in and the other team can’t match that fire power.

That is a real good point. Most teams won’t match up as well. Hopefully year after year the same thing is true.

We will slaughter Evansville at home.

I would think so. I do hope the 3 point shooting is better than it was last night. Robinson carried us from the 3 point line and free throws. The rest shot poorly from 3’s. Knell was 2-5 but missed wide open 3’s.

Hall and Knell miss their free throws to the right. Elbow flicking out. Should be easy to fix. When they are short or long I’m okay with unless real short like Hall did.

Hello Couger Fans.
Aces long time fan here.
Wanted to share our story with you.
DII National Champions Five times in back in 60s and early 70s
Went D1 in 1977 and within two weeks the plane taking team, coaches, staff crashed just after takeoff killing everyone.

Made NCAA Tournament in 82 and four times since, latest 2000. Member of MVC, known mostly for basketball. Until last few years we usually have multiple teams in the Big Dance.
Been a long drought since with mulitiple coaching changes, no NIT or NCAA but a few teams that had winning records

Last year 5-27 with first year new coach Ragland who was not hired until May after AD was fired. This team is off to best start in about six years at 7-1 as this is his first group of players, one of who came from American Fork, Utah in Tanner Cuff who does not start put plays signficant minutes and is a player we really like.

I would say us being an underdog by 20-25 points is fair. We have been bad for a number of years and do not deserve a lot of respect based on this. This season we have not played a real tough non conference schedule but beaten a couple of decent teams in Ball State and UT Chattanooga. Tough loss at Missouri State in our MVC opener. Beat UNI in OT at home yesterday. I do not see this team being in the top half of the conference this year but I do see us being there next year. Best part about this team is we go 8-9 deep and have decent size. Cougars will be best team we have faced this season. This is our first team in years that is going to be more competitive and fun to watch. We will likely lead MVC in attendance even without being near the top as us Hoosiers love our basketball.

Famous Alum…Jerry Sloan who many of you have heard of…he took job to coach Aces but decided a few days later not to take it and became long time coach of the Utah Jazz. Don Buse was another player in the NBA from UE. Andy Benes MLB pitcher an alum as well as actor Rami Malek.

Hope you guys have a great season. I see you are off to a solid start.


Thank you for your post! I did business in Evansville (maybe 10 trips) beautiful views of the Ohio River as it makes a big bend in Evansville. Do they still do the big hydroplane races in the Summer?
Plane crash was a devastating tragedy. I know it deeply affected the town for a long time.
Thanks for the insight on the Aces - glad they are getting better and better. Good luck the rest of the season!

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Hydroplane races a thing of the past in Evansville. That seems to be of less interest to the current generation for whatever reason. I used to attend, good times.
Plane crash still brings tears anytime I watch any of the videos and read the stories. I was 14 and already a big fan and my parents woke me up to see the news that horrible night. Thanks for the note and good luck to you as well and glad you have been to our city right in the middle of the good ole USA.

You as well, Ace. We ae well aware of Evansville’s past record. BYU is not going to overlook Evansville even if our hated archrival, Utah, is waiting just days after.

Tanner Cuff, your assist leader is well known here in the Provo area, He was a star here for AF HS and got a good look from Coach Pope but we had too many shooting guards at the time. I’m sure a good deal of friends and family will be there tomorrow night.

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I watched the video you posted about the crash. moved me to tears. 1-thanks for taking the time to share. As you know, BYU is a community of faith, believing in God and that we are all Gods children. While a tragedy like this will remain with us forever, the helplessness we all feel that remain living stops us in our tracks. We reach out and hug whoever we can, that love and support become healing balm in time, Its truly family and friends that get you through as the video points out…

2- For me great loss has forced me to look inward and to ask, how can I “honor” those who died when their candle burned brightest? For me, it was, I have got to live a better life, find ways to do a kind deed, serve others. It gets you away from thinking of yourself, and seeing the light in someone’s eyes breaths life back into you.

ACE, I’m certain you are all of this and more, or you would not of posted the video or taken the time to tell your story. Bless you and the Evansville Community this Christmas season and you will be in our thoughts. Go Purple ACES!,
didn’t they make a show about you guys called “Hoosiers”?

When Jerry was alive, he talked about the impact that plane crash had on him. He knew a lot of the players and coaches and he always felt like he was lucky that he decided on to coach the team.

AcesFan1, thank you for sharing the video. I finally found time to watch it. I noted that in the wake of the devastating tragedy, the University President said, “We try to share our grief and our faith in the Lord.” As a Christian I try to be a person who can comfort those who are grieving and try to share MY faith in the Lord, and this video helped remind me of that.

How can I possibly NOT root for the Aces? Basketball is Indiana and Indiana is basketball. Hoosiers was real. Evansville has a proud tradition that was galvanized by the tragic loss of that team. I think this BYU team has way too much character and is way too well coached to overlook Eville tomorrow night, but I’ll be cheering for the Aces in every game the rest of the year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Thank you for the nice note. Yes, there is a basketball movie named Hoosiers with Gene Hackman…a great watch for any fan of basketball.

I am watching the game and seeing just how good BYU is…a real clinic in shooting and moving the ball. You guys will have a great year and go very deep in the tournament. You guys are embarrasing us. We can’t hit a shot and you guys cannot miss.

Best of luck the rest of the way and please take the foot off the gas…:slight_smile: