BYU vs. FSU... here we go

Not a great start on offense but that is nothing new. Glad to see the defense hold Fresno to a field goal. Let’s see what happens next.

Not sure I like the 25 yard out pattern on 3rd and 2 for BYU…

and just ike that it is 10-0.

Lack of pass defense…

All year we get inside the 10 and commit penalties.

Well I guess it isn’t pass interference when you crash into the receiver and then pretend to look back for the ball afterward.

Even when BYU is playing decent they get no appreciation from officials.

Too bad there was no touchdown on that drive.

BYU player gets thrown to the ground after the punt is downed right in front of the officials and no call. That happens all the time.

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And then there are the dropped passes with no one around.
Triniman needed to come back to the ball and it might have been called. Only 15 yard penalty.
Somehow we have to be able to score inside the 10. Not having penalties is a good start like 12 on the field.

bogus PI call keeps FSU drive alive and they get rewarded with 3 points.

That was a bad call. But, BYU comes back and finally scores a touchdown. Looked good doing it. Canada is following his blockers well. We overcame another penalty inside the 10.

Looks like an Achilles. Too bad. He was doing pretty good.
I didn’t like the 2nd down call when Hoge came in. Should have been a pass.

I missed the end of the game after BYU tied it at 13. I guess it didn’t matter because they didn’t score again.

Tanner looks like he tore his Achilles. Hoge threw a good pass to Bushman to get them moving but fumbled.