BYU vs LMU game is on

Too many turns. And two missed front end one and one free throws. Running out of gas

BYU starters at the beginning of the game were doing quite well, and then Mark Pope switched out players then we started downhill come on. We should’ve kept our starters in longer. And what is up with waterman?

Nice to see Dallan Hall doing quite well on his shooting and Atiki nice defensive play. Go cougars!

Back to back games. Have to keep them fresh as possible. Fouse is out of gas making mistakes

notice that Foos and George had little impact on the game. This game was decided by who guarded Shelton. Johnson was my choice from the beginning. The other clear choice would be Saunders. it is also weird to me that LMU’s coach did not press Le’Pepe and their other 6’8 bruiser into working us over inside with Foos in foul trouble.

LMU gave up with a minute to go, unexplainable.

Agree on every count, thanks for your accurate comments. I thought there were several key players for BYU that made the difference. First, I loved seeing Williams take control of the game by managing the clock, driving to the basket and going to the foul line. Atiki’s defensive effort was great. I thought Johnson was solid. They had some turnovers but limited those at the end. Saunders effort is a huge help.

We will see how things go against St. Mary’s but I’m not holding my breath. Not sure how the tournament format is not intended to favor Gonzaga and St. Mary’s having to play only two games in order to win it. Every team should have had at least one quarterfinal game.

Oh well, not an issue next year.

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What if next year the Big12 does the same thing? A conspiracy against Mormons? :yawning_face:

What are you talking about?

There is no reason for doing that.

That’s what you are saying. What does BYU represent?