BYU vs. Missouri State

Listening to the game, hard to know exactly what is happening but better than not watching or listening and then commenting like I did… that is a grasshopper thing.

BYU up 6 in the second half.

BYU up 5 after a putback by Lohner and then a block by Knight… nice job.

Barcello hits 2 free throws to put BYU up by 7 with 38 seconds… nice.

Missouri State losing their composure after Lohner gets a big rebound. Too bad for the Bears.

I’m taping the game. Lohner got a technical foul for what? And, Boggs is at the game coaching. Your neighbors must be burning a bunch of Acapulco Gold. Fords’s there too.

Looking at the box score and looking back at the other games, we need to cut in half the number of 3’s we are shooting. We would consistently shoot 55% and not lose games to the likes of UVU and struggle in other games like today. I’ll give Pope a call later today :slight_smile: