BYU vs. Northwestern State Louisiana Demons

Is anybody watching this game? I have a few questions -

  1. Before the game the announcers said that Rose told them this is one of the best shooting teams he has ever had. Is he trying to build their confidence? Not impressed.
  2. How and why did Worthington ever get a scholarship to play basketball? He is just absolutely terrible and has no business being on the court.
  3. BYU should beat this team easily but it’s bizarre how they can’t seem to get going or play well early in games.
  4. Haws has started 72 consecutive games. How and why has he been allowed to do this? Jimmer probably didn’t start that many consecutive games at the start of his senior season.

All the calls going against NW State. BYU should be up by 20 except for the fact that they have more turnovers than missed 3 point attempts and they have taken and missed a lot of 3 pointers so far.

Yoeli is the only player that is doing much but man, I wish he wouldn’t complain every time a whistle goes against him, especially when it is a good call and backed up by replay.

Good takeaway tonight is that they are making free throws.

I don’t mean to pick on Worthington but he comes in and immediately gets burned underneath and then he pushes through a crowd of players to help a teammate up.

He has no basketball understanding or feel for the game. He makes weird and inappropriate decisions. He is out of control and it results in poor play and he can’t score the ball.

Now I am going to try and think of something he does that helps the team, after all he is a co captain…



Nope, can’t think of anything.

And oh, by the way… that was a dumb offensive foul Cannon. What in the world was he thinking?

The excitement I feel for BYU football has permeated my basketball excitement: We had a game last night?

hahahahaha. burn. In theory they did and in theory, they won

Time to quit picking on Haws. Yes, he had a horrible game against Nevada and it’s gargantuan guards but TJ has had two exceptional games now and is the team leader along with Yooli.

Meanwhile, Baxter continues to eat up Worthlesston minutes, Baxter changes the game with his length. I watched 6 blocked shots out there while Stats only have him at 4 blocks. The math is something like…for every block, there is 2 more altered shots. Yo got in 2 but again, he altered several more shots.

Lastly, Harding at 6 6 is a offensive force out there and not a bad defender. It is truly unfortunate that his minutes will be eaten up by scumdog Emery when he becomes eligible. Hardings stats are 19 mins, 11 points, 4 rebs. solid.

Haws = Alpine, Utah = Jim’s angst against Haws.

Ya, he had only 1 turnover and is playing well. He is settling in this year. I agree Emery will eat up Hardings minutes but I also think Harding can give Haws breathers too.
Baxter could start over Nixon but Baxter still makes freshman errors and would get into foul trouble early. Maybe later in the year but he should start in front of Nixon and Nixon can spot Yoeli and Baxter.
Cannon has to get his shot going if he’s going to get more minutes in Hardnett’s place. The problem is he has little competition right now to get better.
Bergersen is a question mark. He pouts while sitting on the bench. He doesn’t cheer for his teammates. I think he may have to move on if his attitude doesn’t improve.

Look I’m not a Dave Rose fan, and I’ve been critical of Haws often enough, but BYU has played well the last two games, Haws in particular. So I’m giving credit where credit is due and I will give criticism when it is due likewise. Play like a team and the team will be rewarded likewise. Emery is going to play and finish his career at BYU, so I’m willing to give him a break and see how his attitude is. Everyone screws up sometime in life, and hopefully he is a more mature, unselfish player. The last couple of years haven’t been real rewarding for Cougar fans, but hopefully football and basketball will look better the next couple of years so I’ll try and stay positive until I give it up for good

I agree with everything you wrote but about Rose. I agree people screw up. There are some that think it’s possible to be perfect in this life with no forgiveness and no redemption in the next life. Emery has agreed to play with no scholarship and there you go. I wish more would want to come to BYU because of any reason but the money. Dream on, right?