BYU vs. Portland State

So what are we to think after a very mediocre first half? First game jitters? Mission rust? The team trying to get to know each other and play together?

I haven’t seen any corner turning yet.

BYU looks like a very mediocre team that is barely outplaying a FCS opponent, on their home field.

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not impressed with the play calling of Detmer, nor the offensive performance.

officiating sucks…

have not been on lately due to a total foot reconstruction surgery.

Receivers can’t get open. Secondary not very good. Not liking the play calling. I feel like I’m watching Utah. Kinda boring…

is there any flipping way BYU can ask that Trevor Matich not call the games?

the guy is an idiot. needs to understand what a PI consitute.

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I am most concerned with the stupid penalties. It felt like any time we got rhythm we would be behind the chains. I feel that our secondary believes that they are better than they truely are because they practice against our receivers. I can’t think of one area of our game where we have an advantage against LSU. This game may be what BYU needs to shake off the dust and make some big adjustments. I hope I’m wrong but I feel we lose by 10+ next week. Who knows, maybe we will have a different offense next week that will be able to wear out the clock and keep it close.

Pathetic, BYU has 10 men on the field and makes a field goal, but it is negated because Kilani calls a time out in the middle of the play FG is good, but don’t count. Then we miss the attempt with 11 on the field. Pathetic coaching. Why didn’t Kilani put Beau in for the last series?. Why put Mangum in at the last? WOW, LSU is waiting for this outfit.

Had to remove that foot out of your mouth :grin:
Sorry, I just couldn’t resist

Very disappointing! You wait all year for this? It was by far more frustrating than fun. My only hope is that Ty, being an NFL guy, was treating this as an NFL preseason game and intentionally holding back. There is no question now that LSU will be over confident. The only question is, will BYU be able to show them they shouldn’t have been? Seems pretty unlikely. I think they lose by far more than 10. If Portland State can lock down our receivers what will LSU, Utah and Wisconsin be able to do?

Definately we weren’t mentally ready for this game. Our defensive backs were slow reacting. Tanner was hesitant. Really bad penalties.
Sometimes I thought we were watching 2 high school teams.

I thought Portland played pretty well for a FCS team. Their first league game is against UC Davis, but I didn’t even know Davis had a football team.

BYU was favored by 5 touchdowns and barely put enough points on the board to win by 2 touchdowns. It’s okay, I give them a pass for the first game of the season against a pretty good team that will probably do well this season,

Good points, I agree our defensive backs were slow and reacting. Yet the D held Portland St to 6 points. Until late in the game the offense sucked. BYU obviously tried many different running backs and receivers.
Squally did Ok considering many guys played at RB. The receivers need more experience. I wish that Beau would have gotten to play a little. The big BYU RB did really well as a blocker. The Portland St QB is a real comer. Portland St out played us in a lot of ways. They were well coached.

Good thing we scheduled them as the first game. A lot needs to happen in 6 days. Like a whole new world created :wink:

Trevor M was trying not to be pro-BYU on purpose, to prove that he was so-called neutral. Kind of like the Major Media. He went out of his way to prove it. Actually BYU’s play helped him a lot.

You always make your greatest improvement between the first and second game so relax everyone

I think Portland St is much better than we were led to believe. BYU is right up there in not covering the spread. Portland St has a great HC. I hope they do well this year in the Big Sky. BYU has a long way to go. We needed this game to get ready for the next 12. We didn’t play very well.


20-6 for a BYU win, with BYU (rankings ranging from the Orlando Sentinel #27, running the spectrum from 30-39 in the various Football magazine polls to #42 in the coaches poll and not mentioned in the AP Poll).

(The Las Vegas Line says that 59 1/2 -15 over would be the high expectations for this game 36-10 would be the low expectations for this game). We took the game 20-6.


Portland State, a FCS team (not) ranked in the top 130 spots in the 1-130 rankings, that might have won this game,
played very tough vs. BYU. For awhile, they actually felt they had a chance to win this game in the second half.

It is my opinion that BYU, with their 20-6 win, has little to be proud of. We made many mistakes, many penalties, and we played sloppy uninspired ball, as we made Below #130 FCS Portland State, look like a very good team. We certainly did not look like an Independent P5 team. We made, (Below #130 FCS), Portland State, look like a very good team.

Because of not being in a G5 conference, but instead, being an Independent like #28 ND (Coaches poll), we like to think of ourselves as an Independent P5 team like ND., but we also must remember that #80 Army and #128 out of 130 teams , UMASS is also Independent like BYU. and they realistically know that they are not a P5 caliber team at this point in their history.

I love each and everyone of our coaches and each and everyone of our athletes. I know we can do better. I know that we will play better vs LSU, Vs. Utah, Vs. Wisconsin, Vs. Boise State, and Vs. Mississippi State. I’m not sure about the rest of the season.

It is not our coaches or our athletes that made us unprepared. It is just the reality that it is next to impossible to get up for a team that is ranked 100 or worse, while you have hopes of having a magical season.

I ave been begging to deaf ears, since we first became an Independent, to act like a P5 team, work like a P5 team, Program like a P5 team and eventually win like a GOOD P5 team, and by doing so, we will be considered, by those that matter, to be an Independent P5 team, perhaps like ND is considered a P5 Independent team.

There are some facts and there are some opinions.

Fact 1
There is currently 130 1A teams.

Opinion 1
The top 1/2 (65 teams) should be considered P5 quality teams, while the bottom 1/2, (66-130), and below, in division 1 football should be considered G5 quality teams.

Yes I know there are exceptions in each direction #92 Big 10 Illinois, #89 Big 12 Kansas, #87 Va., #76 Cal, #70 Boston College, #66 Arizona are a few that stand out for being a P5 team this season, that should be doing much better.

In the opposite direction, #24 UCF, #35 Boise State, #39 BYU, #58 Colorado State, #59 Houston are examples of the opposite exceptions.

Each year, we have exceptions of those that should be in the top 65, but are not while there are teams that should not be in the top 65, that are. The midmajors can be expected to program in the bottom 65 because they are mid major teams. That is what mid major teams can and should do, because they are not considered to be P5 quality teams.

If you have already made it into a P5 conference, you may get away with programing a mid major team like BYU, Houston, Boise State or a few others that are trying hard to get into a Power Conference. Yes, we can be grateful that those already secure in a Power Conference will give us a chance to play they and prove our worth. My point is the top 1/2 should be better than the bottom 1/2. We should program that way.

Our BYU, (seller dweller), in our scheduling should be those near but above the top 65. We should not program below the top 65.

Where much is given,much is expected…

When a team is ranked in the top 65 they should program teams that are also in the top 65. This is what makes them true P5 caliber teams.(My opinion)

Fact 2
MWC Colorado State looked much better today beating the socks off of P5 Pac 12 Oregon State. BYU looked poor beating a team below 130 Portland State by 6-20.

Another way saying this is that P5 conference Pac 12 Oregon State had much to be ashamed of losing to MWC mid major Colorado State, where as it would have no shame in losing by the same score to USC.

Had Portland State pulled off the upset vs BYU, like they thought they had a chance to do in the second half, the shame, the embarrassment, the humiliation would have been so great that we, BYU, may not have recovered from it for some time to come, yet if we would have lost to Boise State or a P5 team, it would have been a temporary set back minus the shame.

Opinion 2
We should never, until at least we reach a major goal of getting into a P5 conference, program a team below the expected rankings of 65.

I just think a couple of games have to be played before there is any rankings. It’s all political by the media. See what happens Saturday.


I at least partially agree with you, with the following exceptions.

Exception #1

I think that before the first game, there should be an (expectation), not a ranking, or anything, that the results of the first game will bring you up from or down from, depending on the win or loss. This expectation should be based on
the performance of the the past 5 years, the past last year, the recruiting, the strength of schedule, and how well you are expected to do vs the team that will be your first game, and how strong that team is based on the same criterial.

Exception #2
The end of the first game, and at the end of each pre season game, based on basically criteria as above, SOS, etc. should
give a stronger (expectation) but by the time, you enter your first conference game, you go into your rankings, using the same criteria and now also added in the factor or how well you did in your pre season games.


I think that the play calling of Detmer was good. I also believe that our athletes have more ability than most seasons
from the past.

The poor lack luster, uninspired, non eventful, boring game playing, with only 4 exceptions, was not due to a lack of talent, was not due to the play calling, but was due to playing an FCS team, not even ranked in the top 130, that could not give our team anything to be full of luster, full of inspiration, or the need to be pushing ourselves to the limits to excel.

The four exceptions in the full 4 quarters of play, came from a great run, a good catch and work of the linebackers.

The team was just not inspired playing a team ranked below the 130 mark.

The team will look, ( with the same play callling), far more superior, when we go against LSU, Utah, Wisconsin, Boise State,
and Mississippi State because the challenge will be there to inspire the team.

KISS principle. See how teams really are before ranking them. Take away as much bigotry, racism, religious persecution and political money grabbing behaviors. Wait 2 games :upside_down_face: