BYU vs. San Diego

So far the Cougars are fortunate to be winning this game. USD is not doing anything good and it seems like they have 20 turnovers in the first half.

Good to see Nixon getting a lot of minutes and not doing anything with it. Not sure what Rose is expecting but we know how he feels about Dastrup so that means he will be back to 3 or 4 minutes of garbage time again.

Should be a win but if USD plays anywhere near what they are capable of it will be tough for BYU to finish this game off.

BYU had 12 steals and only 6 turnovers. We beat them. Had Bryant shot his average shooting percentage the game would had been over in the first half.
The bright spots were Haws and Hardnett. Nice job on both offense and defense.
Nixon was very rusty. Good that he got playing time. Hope everyone works hard this week for Thursday’s game.

Wrong. It doesn’t matter if a player gets playing time during a game. They have to earn it in practice. The fact that he is rusty in the game shows that he is rusty in practice so he should not be getting any playing time until he can prove his lack of rust during practice, which he obviously hasn’t done.

Right! Because Nixon smoked Dastrup in practice and earned the minutes. Non-coaches crack me up.
I think Rose is hoping Dastrup will stay next year and then he will start playing him and not have to worry he will go NBA his senior year because he’s so phenomenal according to Jim Hawks :face_with_monocle:

I’m impressed with how enthusiastic Dastrup is on the bench. That is awesome team play - even if it’s partially an act. If Dastrup is as good as Jim says he is, I’m befuddled as to why he almost never plays. There must be something going on none of us know about.

Dastrup obviously has a ton of talent and it has been evident on offense. On defense sometimes he looks a little lost and it could be that the coaches misinterpret his bench antics and don’t think he is serious enough. He seems plenty serious when he is on the court. I am concerned that his minutes are shrinking again when a month ago he seemed to have found his place in the rotation. I hope he doesn’t leave. It would be a shame.

I am glad Nixon got some minutes but I hate to see him getting them at the expense of Dastrup rather than Worthington.

He seems to have become tentative with his minutes being cut. He seemed to have found a groove for several games and then he inexplicably gets his minutes cut. It seems he is given a very short rope where some of the others get more slack from the coaches.

Both Dastrup and Rose have said he’s working hard but hasn’t learned and executed where to be mainly on defense. Even on offense he is often in the wrong place or late on help side defense and returning. It also must happen in practice a lot. Individual talent doesn’t always equate to successful team play on the court at the next level. However, I don’t think Nixon was ready to play ahead of Dastrup in the last game.

The thing I like about Aro is that he can see things that are going on and he isn’t afraid to say something about it. I will never be able to understand how grasshopper, with all of his coaching knowledge and supposed understanding of the game, fails to see what is going on out on the court. It’s like there is no recognition at all.

This is the most uninformed statement ever. I have NO idea what Dastrup’s individual talent level is. I have only watched him play as a member of the team while he is on the court! He has proven how good he is on a number of occasions, just like Aro noticed and commented on.

You make the statement but you have no idea what the reasons might be. Does the fact that so many good players have left the program and gone on to do really well on other teams give you any ideas? Why does Dastrup have such a short leash? Why are other players allowed to make more mistakes without getting their playing time cut? Seriously, it is ridiculous.

Dastrup is not a guard. He can only play the 4 or 5. So, who makes more mistakes and and less good plays at the 4 or 5? You make your assumptions based on his few good things on offense but fail to see and understand what he’s not doing right on the floor. And, apparently he’s not doing what’s needed yet in practice. Others are. It’s that simple and he knows this.

He defers to the coach out of respect… like so many other players have recently.

The problem is that eventually those players like Dastrup know better, like many of the fans do, and decide to leave the program where they go on to be very good players for other programs.

I am talking about the Chatman’s and Bartley’s of the team. It’s a truth that Rose’s teams are underperforming on a routine basis now. Explain why that is…