BYU vs. Santa Clara at the MC = 20 pt. win

This game will be an easy win for BYU, or at least it should be. I don’t know if I will have much to say… wait, I am sure I will. It would just be nice to see some players get more minutes than they usually do, but I don’t think Rose is capable of allowing that to happen. He needs his stars to shine and the team to win big so they can keep the traditions intact.

8 minutes in and BYU is down 1 but never fear, Rose just subbed Nixon and Seljaas into the game so things are really going to improve now.

Honestly, I am getting tired of Rose and watching this team.

But those two must really be doing great in practice because they suck when they are out on the floor. Then again, it is Santa Clara so they should be able to do something with all the minutes they get.

6 minutes to go in the half, should be about time for Dastrup to get his 2 or 3 first half minutes…

and there it is! classic Rose move. I called it! He missed a 3, get him out of there!

He made a 3, wait… let’s see if he is hot this game, maybe he will get to play 10 minutes instead of 5 or 6.

This team is so easy to prepare for… so predictable.

The FACT that BYU went from up 3 to up 9 2 minutes after he comes into the game will be completely lost to Rose.

I’m not saying Dastrup is a huge difference, but Rose pulled him at the end of the half and the 12 pt. lead is 10 at the half. The evidence is overwhelming but for whatever reason the coaching staff is in denial or just plain stupid. When Dastrup is in the game, BYU is a better team. The 3 point lead expanded to 12 in 5 minutes and then back to 10 when he went out.

If somebody sees something different, please tell us. I just don’t understand what the stupid problem is with our coaches. And yes, I am on one right now.

Seljias is looking better tonight. Nice hustle.
Nixon also putting up good hustle too. 7 3 2 stat line

Very happy to see dastrup and Luke both doing really well. Luke earned a foul they didn’t give him from nbumanya. Refs have been a little odd with the three second calls but other than that not bad. I think they should control the entire center minutes. 20 and 20. They both deserve it.

Bryant just doesn’t look right 3 games in a row. Maybe should be sitting.

Not impressed with the ‘roach run’ we have the worst timeout entertainment.

I have been misquoted. I didn’t say that. I said it sarcastically. Seljaas didn’t look good at all but Nixon was pretty good. Didn’t say anything about the kind of effort they needed to put up.

It must pain Rose to put Dastrup in the game. I’ll bet he hates it when Payton plays well too.

And there he goes, thanks to Luke for hacking away, now Rose has to put Dastrup in. I’m guessing he wants him to flop so he can justify the lack of playing time over the course of the season.

Oops, now he can pull him for Nixon. That must make him feel better. It appears like Dastrup will get some garbage minutes now so Rose can sleep well tonight. What a shame.

Can someone please explain why Seljaas gets so many minutes?

Really? Exactly what is it you are seeing?

Am I missing something? He looks terrible.

Sad that the announcers are spending most or the game talking about Gonzaga and St. Mary’s. You know your team is not a contender when the discussion is about the important programs in the conference.

It’s frustrating to see BYU underperform year after year.

I liked how they baited Holmoe when asking him how many teams from the wcc would get a ncaa tourney bid. It is obviously 2, which is the most the wcc will ever get. If Gonzaga and St. Mary’s hold serve, which they will, that is what will happen.

Watch his defense and ball movement. Also he’s moving a lot faster in general. His shots aren’t going down but he’s doing everything else and he looked healthy for once.


Interesting that a 20 point win and Rose is one win away from the magical 20 win season again, yet nobody is here talking about the game.

Well I don’t really have much to complain about with this game other than the margins.

In general, we had excellent ball and player movement. Spacing was decent although we lack consistent shooting from 3. We started off cold.

  • Yo and Eli need to be under 30 minutes for the sake of their health and to keep them fresh. The science is there, just do it. Each had 34 so say 5 minutes less? Ditto for haws
  • Dastrup had 10 minutes, I’d like to see that go to at least 15.
  • Again, I know Zach is missing like crazy, but I’d rather let him abuse a 2 guard in backup minutes behind TJ while he gets his shoulder right. Great defense from him though. He looked springy today.
  • Nixon needs to sub in for Yo, unless we’re playing a shorter team and then I don’t mind him playing with Yo. They do play well together. It would be fun to see him at the 4 with yo at the 3 in certain situations.
  • I need to rewatch the fouls on Luke…I’ll withhold judgment but I’m suspicious.
  • TJ needs to settle down. His instinct is to press but this teams advantage is at a slower pace.

Overall, we need to make the same passes, just faster and we need the threes to fall consistently at some point.

The last two parts I disagree. Speed it up will create more turn overs against those slow wcc opponents you think? Yes they need to hit more 3’s but whatever reason they are doing lousy. In practice last Wednesday “BYU coach Dave Rose said at one point in Wednesday’s practice he watched 19 straight shots by his players go through the hoop without hitting the rim.” Did they just shoot w/o anyone in their face and did they shoot just 19 or 100 times?

And I agree that Yo and Eli need to rest sometime during those extra 5 more minutes but not at the same time. Play 30 minutes should plenty and add 5 or 10 more extra minutes for Dastrup.

you’ve got me. With his rep as a 3 point specialist, he does pull defenders all the way out of the way so Yo can do work
I have been watching Zack’s shooting, wondering why he can’t duplicate the 50% from 3 as a fr… He looks like he has happy feet, dancing instead of planting.

Haws and Yo both suffer from poor elbow angle. That thing just juts out to the side. You have to be perfect to make shots. If they tuck it in it becomes a distance shot and you just get more “bounces” to go through the hoop.

Thank you all and I will be getting my coaching check in the mail any day now.:sunglasses:

seljaas was abysmal-amazing how some players get benched for one screwup and others are just allowed to flounder on the floor

I thought Dastrup looked good. He and Childs work well together as Childs should be around the basket. If Dastrup is outside, it gives Yoeli room to work. Dastrup should start and play 20 mins a game. Nixon had a nice game, making some pretty easy shots that need to be made. Luke should play 10-12 mins a game. Solid defender and good hustler but very limited.

What happened to Cannon? I thought he might be a real spark this year, but now he hardly plays and is mostly invisible.

Like Sylar Halford, he is physically challenged. Love his IQ and hustle. He makes a good backup to Hardnett. Typically the new guy gets overlooked (USU game) and career high but once he is scouted, he gets few open looks, just like Halford’s 1st game.

I’m not sure what you mean by this? Maybe I was unclear. I’m not saying I want the team’s pace to increase. I want a lower possession game because it favors our lack of athletic ability and depth. I’m specifically saying That, for example, when Luke was standing at the top of the circle he held the ball for 3 seconds and broadcast his intentions to pass the ball to Yo in the post who had position. (I’m trying to remember this sequence so forgive me if I get the details of this example wrong) When he finally made the pass, the defender had edged into position and was able to jump it for the steal. If luke catches and immediately makes the entry pass he was going to make anyways its much harder for the defense to catch up with the ball and predict what’s happening. In other words, when the ball is whipping around, we maintain the leverage of initiative because the other team is reacting. If we slow down, they can seize the initiative and attack the ball and force our hand.

Thank you for clarifying what you are saying. Keep the flow moving.

Why do we have a game playing at 2pm tomorrow, not at 7pm? Same for next week again, very short preparation.