BYU vs. St. Mary's Gaels predictions

This is kind of final hour stuff here before the game starts but it can continue afterward as an in game thread or post analysis of what went right or wrong.

I am going to go with a 65-55 loss only because I don’t trust the officiating to give BYU anything and the coach for St. Mary’s will be all over them if it happens even once. Barcello will get a beatdown from the Gaels players and officials and he will be sore tomorrow.

I really hope they put it together and play the game they are capable of but it is going to be tough.

If we win, I’ll watch it on replay. Have to pick up my daughter from airport. But, you know I’m plenty capable of looking at the stat sheet and making a perfect analysis of the game :wink:

Oh, my prediction is BYU - 90, SM 50

Midway through the first half it is 20-13 Gaels, so BYU has a some work to do. Haven’t seen a team collectively complain at the officials like St. Mary’s has done so far. It’s ridiculous.

BYU hanging tough, officials are calling a fair game so far and St. Mary’s coach doesn’t like that.

Ugghh… BYU gets to within 1 and then Johnson gives up the baseline and commits a silly foul by grabbing Cousy from behind but not keeping him from scoring. Not a smart play and not sure what Johnson was thinking.

There are times he seems to have brain farts. Usually passing under pressure.

My analysis from the box score is BYU must shoot better and must stop Kuhse. 20 points is ridiculous. The game is winnable.

Now we are picking up turnovers while shooting better and keeping Kuhse from scoring. See if we can put it all together before it’s too late.

Lot of contact and physicality but no calls. St. Mary’s grabbing and banging bodies and no calls against them. Game is getting out of control. BYU losing ground and the officials are letting the fouls against BYU go. I figured this would happen at some point in the game.

It builds confidence for Gaels and gets the Cougars discouraged. Good strategy for the WCC and officials.

It’s snowballing now and totally pathetic on the part of officials. Never seen it this bad.

So bad in fact that Cousy complained when they called the ball of him under the basket, saying he got fouled! Unbelievable…

Game is over.

The injuries are piling up…

Same old story same old song and SMC getting all the help from officials. I have seen it before and listening the game tonight same old story.
I could not believe it when hearing foose was called offensive fouled when they Gaels flopped in front of him -come on.
Has Randy Bennett ever get a technical call? I can’t stand that guy and wishing B12 would comes sooner.

Wow, they’ve pulled to within 3, 1:47 left to go in the game.

What an incredible win, against all odds, if they could pull out this win.

Randy complaining the whole game. He is such a cantankerous dude.

Turnovers at the worst possible time. Come on guys, don’t make it a head game.

Well, I wasn’t too far off my prediction. BYU made a run at the end when the officials decided St. Mary’s was far enough ahead. They actually let BYU play like they did the first half. I don’t know what was in the referees head for that 5+ minute stretch midway through the second half but it blew the game wide open for St. Mary’s and there wasn’t enough gas left for the Cougars to get there.

Oh well, chalk up another victory for the WCC and a situationally biased officiating crew.

Well, 17 turnovers again. We know the refs will do their thing. But, the turnovers ultimately did us in. NIT or maybe we can pull off the upset of the century in the WCC tournament. The girls beat Gonzaga and are 23-2.

Maybe NIT is the best bet this year. They might get a few wins. Probably one and done if by some miracle they make the NCAA.

Just watched replay. I’m not biting on the ref thing. That wasn’t why we lost contact with SM. Turnovers. 12 in the 2nd half. Players falling down on there own. My complaint all season. Some missed layups as well. We came back but can’t turn the ball over.

Yeah, Barcello is “falling down” frequently but it isn’t his fault. I can’t remember a player that gets knocked around more, and gets fewer calls, than Barcello does.

You have no idea how hard he has to work to get his points. It is going to help him immensely at the next level but it is a crime what happens to him in games.

Nobody asked you to. You have your own ideas about what happens and it usually comes from looking at stats, not watching the actual game with an objective eye.

He does fall down but not even close to Lucas. And they weren’t fouled. Flopping as well. Other teams don’t fall down like we do.
Yes, we work hard. So what? Stop falling and turning the ball over. And make the layups.

pretty close. Good prediction

Barcello used to be our best defender, in past years, now he is gasses, too much is asked of him. But he is far from lock down. Probably 4th on the team behind Lucas, Johnson, Foos.

Can I get some ice cream with those turnovers, please.


BYU is not even close to a NCAA dance team at this point. We are so small, no experience in the middle. I will say that Lohner has played very well lately but foos and Lohner are NOT centers and yet here we are.