BYU vs. St. Mary's wow

This might be the ugliest half of basketball I have ever had to watch. The officiating is equally as bad, so much so that the announcers are getting frustrated with it. Way to showcase the conference and BYU… anybody east of the mississippi that is watching the first half has turned off the TV now for sure.

Why should I answer when I already started a thread. Very tacky

Because this is the “IN GAME” thread!!!

As tacky as the referees ability to call charges

The second half was off to such a good start and now the officials are dragging it down with strange calls.


BYU needs to pull away but I don’t know if they can or will.

They have to start making 3s. Hit the floaters and free throws.

No, they have to STOP taking 3’s!

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They won’t. Most of the time we are open. The last few games we have shot well from 3s

Are you sure Jim? Maybe the playbook was too complicated for the secondary players to know how to run and perform? :open_mouth:

That’s why they don’t start. You are catching on. To think you think all athletes have the same skills, talents, experience and knowledge is was beginning to bother me. I was feeling a bit sorry for you :wink:

Same reason that you are not an owner for an insurance company… There is always someone better or smarter than you! :open_mouth:

What is the difference between a $50,000 a year agent and a $500,000 a year agent? The $500,000 agent does what a $50,000 a year agent does and a little bit more. The question then becomes what is it that they do a little bit more? They study and learn a little bit more. They work on their skills a little bit more. They have more experience and a little bit more. They talk to more people and a little bit more… They are simply better at all facets of the business (game) So, they are the starters.