BYU vs SUU, score?

Alright, everyone, give us your score for the SUU game?

I am going to give you an honest opinion on how the game plays out. Nothing can be taken from the ASU game as it was a wash out delay played in MUD.
Southern Utah 21-24 Arizona State (Aug 31, 2023) Game Recap - ESPN
other then ASU had the game in hand before the weather delay and played DEAD ball after the rain. SUU can throw the ball. one absolute I see, BYU will be able to do damage with the run (merely because BYU is not facing a Stud Texas team) and that in turn will open up the passing game.

BYU by 3 TDs (fingers crossed) and SUU gets 13 points.

I look for BYU’s offense to improve, (could it have looked much worse?) but SUU will put up a good fight. My guess is BYU 24, SUU 7.

I expect another shutout, and the offense will double its production. 28-0 BYU

41 - 10. Any less than 40 we have problems.

28-10 BYU over SUU!

We’ll hold you to that.

But, you’ll probably say Slovis was throwing with his elbow out funny or something.

I think it will be BYU 17, SUU 13. Aaron Roderick offense continues to struggle.

BYU wins 31 to 13.

I’m going big (trusting that offensive line is pissed and they truly have the talent to back it up).
BYU 56 SUU 7 I’m hoping Floyd’s opinion of Roderick is wrong - but I think it is right to a large degree at least over long run. SUU touchdown when BYU backups in.

Bonus pick - Utah 27 Baylor 17.

The elbow thing is in basketball…

came down for the game tomorrow. Cheapest tickets of the year I think - My dad would be proud (or think I should have watched on TV instead!)
Will have a cougar tail in all of y’alls honor.

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BYU 31
SUU 13 with a late score against our subs.

SH’s offense was truly awful. Impossibly bad. We could barely put pressure on their QB and they still couldn’t move the ball. I think SUU’s offense will be better, its defense will be worse, and we win but not in a blowout.

And remember if BYU is up a couple scores late Kalani will always take his foot off the gas and try to not score anymore.

I know. The joke went over your head. It’s your classic go-to for why any player shoots poorly.

BYU - 28
SUU - 7
BYU won’t show their hand to the Big 12 and SUU will score a late TD vs. subs… maybe.

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The way they are playing now:

SUU 28
BYU 14

Of course, that could change, but I don’t have high expectations of AROD anymore.

41-16. Nice work Arod. The defense wasn’t as sharp.

Slovis had a good game. Arkansas must be licking their chops because of the inept running game. 46 yards?

I agree that Slovis had a great game, but after playing against what was predicted to be our two easiest opponents, the remainder of the season will be much more challenging. Can we win without a running game? How about receivers with great hands? Is our bench deep enough with the injuries that will predictably come? BYU looked good, but we still have a long way to go.

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I think Hopper wins the score prediction at 41-10. Only off by 6 points on SUU score.

At least he can predict a score accurately.

That stupid last touchdown we gave up. Fire that Hill!!’ He doesn’t know what he’s doing :smiling_face: