BYU vs UCF Comments? Crickets?

So far, we can move the ball at will. Defense is bend but don’t break. Can we keep it going in the 2nd and half?

Well, another touchdown and I would have been right there for my pregame prediction. Great game even without 3 starters and lost two more OL during the game. The announcers trying to use missing UCF players is weak. We are a top 10 team.

BYU is a class act and Zach Wilson is the real deal. The NFL will reward him accordingly. We are a top 10 team and most sports writers and college coaches would agree. That being said, until the NCAA steps in and makes some changes, BYU could have a 12-0 season next year and STILL not play in a “Money Bowl” or the P5 Invitational {CFP}. Coastal Carolina proves my point; non-P5 teams will NOT be ranked high enough to play in any NY6 or CFP bowl games, PERIOD. Great game, Cougars!

CC doesn’t play the schedules BYU does. If we go 11-1 with next year’s schedule, we will be in a New Years Bowl.

Wilson loves playing College ball and he obviously loves being at BYU. Your only young once. Will see. It’s not like his parents are poor and need him to make millions next year. If he’s great this year, why wouldn’t he be great after next season? Why would his stock go down?

I hope he comes back but there are a lot of good quarterbacks waiting in the wings; Hall, Romney, Conover, and the freshman who got a few snaps this year. Hall and Romney have both shown they can be good and can win and they will have plenty of weapons with lots of experienced O-line guys and skill players returning. BYU should still have an offense that will be really good.

Hall has concussion issues. Romney looked slower this year. The young pups may be good but are inexperienced with experienced top players like Algiers. The likelihood of Wilson staying is low but again, Trevor Lawrence stayed another year. Probably because he was enjoying college and that experience as well. Remember, Wilson is 20 or 21? He didn’t go on a mission so he’s not rushed to leave.

I’m new to the forum, so not sure where to register this. But did anyone else notice how totally lame the ESPN coverage was for the bowl game. From a camera production standpoint, but mostly the announcers. One line of commentary: “Wilson, out of Utah…”, the color commentator DJ Shockley was terrible, adding no real insights into the plays, the players, or the game. He reported defensive pass interference committed “…by (#16) Gunner Romney”. They rarely ever mentioned the names of the players who made plays on defense. Just basically mailed it in. And even though I’m sick of hearing about Wilson’s off-season road trips to show his commitment and work ethic, it’s been a story line all year long, so it’s a natural to at least make mention of it in their BOWL game. Also, I heard Tonga’s name mentioned ONCE maybe?, when he made a play, with no mention of his pro prospects or really anything about what a special player he has been. Other than Wilson, I think Isaac Rex got the most airtime - which is deserved, glad to hear that. Interested in others’ observations.

Welcome! The jury is still out :sunglasses:

Ya, the announcers were annoying. Always degrading BYU and talking about other teams instead of the teams they were getting paid for.

Welcome Jurry1. I watched every game this year and that ESPN broadcasting team was doing a BYU game for the first time. They should have used one of their other teams who did BYU games. These guys were completely unprepared and performed poorly. It was surprising they used guys who knew nothing about BYU, but worse that they were too lazy to prepare.

Glad to have you to our community. I don’t have social media (my wife and kids keep me reasonably informed). I don’t post anywhere else. I hate political news. But I love cougar fan. I appreciate that there are enough voices to see different opinions, but few enough that we “get to know” each other.